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Captain Fishbeard book - Fishbeard and Friends
This book features art and stories from LOADS of different creators though and has a truly vast range of art styles." Fishbeard and Friends will feature the following comic book creators, a number of whom will be at Thought Bubble – Aaron Rackley, Alejandro Rosado, Andy Hanks,  Charles H Raymond, Clark Bint, Dan Butcher, Dan Whitehead,[...]
The Samurai Slasher
Clift, Jim Lavery, Andy Bloor, Rory Donald, Alistair Wood, Dan Butcher, Dave Jones and Jennie Gyllblad with Mike Stock on lettering duties and Nathan Ashworth on colours. Artwork by Gavin Mitchell The Samurai Slasher series has been an incredibly amusing look at the cheesy, gory slasher flicks of old, and why we loved them, as well as[...]