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The Samurai Slasher
Clift, Jim Lavery, Andy Bloor, Rory Donald, Alistair Wood, Dan Butcher, Dave Jones and Jennie Gyllblad with Mike Stock on lettering duties and Nathan Ashworth on colours. Artwork by Gavin Mitchell The Samurai Slasher series has been an incredibly amusing look at the cheesy, gory slasher flicks of old, and why we loved them, as well as[...]
The Kill Screen
The Kill Screen is back on Kickstarter, this time looking to raise funds for the production of new book, The Kill Screen: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost. Created by Mike Garley, Joshua Sherwell, and Mike Stock, The Kill Screen: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost will be a new 70-page collection, and follows a whole[...]
The Top UK Indie Comics Of 2015 – From Porcelain To Pantheon
THE KILL SCREEN by Mike Garley, Josh Sherwell & Mike Stock The Kill Screen is one of those ideas I really wish I'd come up with first A wonderful and creative twist on the post-apocalyptic, world-ending idea, the set up and execution is absolutely brilliant. Following survivors in a world where computer errors, glitches and memes become[...]
The Kill Screen Levels Up to a Stunning Hardcover Edition
The comic is a wonderful series because not just the high concept idea brilliantly executed, but also there's plenty of humor injected into the at times dark and emotional proceedings, and there are tons of little nods to internet memes, video games and more that will bring a smile to readers faces. Now, Garley and Sherwell[...]
The Pride Ends At Thought Bubble Next Week
My first comics, I've struggled, enjoyed and learned so much while making them. All of that is coming to an end with the upcoming Thought Bubble Comics Festival next weekend. The Pride, my sort of first comic series (sort of because I also co-write on another called Stiffs which started at the same time), and one that[...]
Followers Are The Deadliest Threat – The Kill Screen #2 Review
Mike Stock's lettering, as ever, is also superb, as everything is clear, distinct, and designed to create a beautiful finished package. The Kill Screen#2: Cascade is a fantastic read, with an incredibly original concept, and it's not coming from the Big Two or Image, but from the UK Indie Small Press scene You have to get[...]
It's Really Hard To Find A Good Team Name – Capitalism And Other Stories
My creative team of Mauricio Vargas (art), Rodrigo Tobias (color), Taylor Esposito (Issues #1 and #2) and Mike Stock (Issue #3) tweeted/blogged under the name DF Crew. With the power of a team, we dominated Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and we slowly grew in numbers No longer were we four people on a venture together, but[...]
Selling Comics at Thought Bubble 2013 – Sunday
We had planned to talk about a new project that we're collaborating on, but I'd hit the vodkas by this point and the dance floor distracted me, so I guess we'll have to talk by e-mail. [VS Comics] The last exhibitors that I want to talk about are visionary writer Mike Garley and the VS Comics team,[...]
An Eponymous Title
Louie Falcetti writes; Eponymous by Mike Garley, Martin Simmons and Mike Stock is a digital comic that's heading out into the world of print in the form of a 64 page trade paperback I reviewed the first chapter on this very site back in May but hadn't yet returned to the eponymous world until now[...]