Seriously, When Are The All-New X-Men Meant To Be From Again? The Future And Past Of X-Men Blue (Spoilers)

Marvel continuity has never been refreshed or relaunched quite like DC Comics' has. Instead, it uses a sliding scale, so now the Fantastic Four trip into space took place fifteen years ago, and everything else fitted into that time period. And we are meant to reinterpret scenes that were time-specific to other analogous events. So the Punisher was a veteran of Middle East wars rather than Vietnam. Reed Richard and Ben Grimm didn't fight in World War Two together.

Which, yes, does make the entire Marvel Universe post-9/11 now.  But that does throw up some anomalies. Such as the All-New X-Men, the X-Men from the earliest time in their lives as teenagers, brought forward to the present day. But when exactly was that? Apparently from a time when Times Square wasn't a complete and utter monstrosity… and a time when they had barber shops with barbers poles everywhere, according to today's X-Men Blue #1 (I couldn't find any hidden religious symbology in this one.). Well, they have been on the decline a lot.


But as well as reminiscing about a past that simply can't exist in Marvel's timeline anymore, we get a look at what's next to come…


Wolverine, the original Generation X (with Chamber now allowed to say "wankers"), the return of the Brotherhood Of Mutants from the future and a Professor X with glowy eyes.

Remember though, these future looks may happen and may not…. more timeline problems, I guess.

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