Simon Bisley's Art On Harley Quinn & Lobo Will Challenge The Censors

Simon Bisley is doing guest-art duties on an upcoming issue of Harley Quinn's Little Black Book, as the series reintroduced Lobo onto the DC Universe, in the form that he is most familiar with audience and with the artist who made him great, Simon Bisley.


Bisley is known for excess. And I understand that the artwork, depicting a naked Harley Quinn and Lobo trapped on an island together, isn;t exactly shy in coming forward. Indeed, the original artwork seems designed for 3D audiences of a very specialist nature.


So what to do? Well, writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have spoken about previous issues of Harley Quinn raising red flags at DC Comics – and that they have been considering creating a character Red Flag for such an occasion. And having him run on, raising flags over artwork that can't even be hidden by speech balloons may be a solution.


And, if nothing else, there should be an awful lot of curiosity over the resulting original artwork.


The pages after these pages that is. Say, is that Harley Quinn… or Tank Girl?

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