So What Ever Happened To Jonathan Carroll, Lois Lane's Boyfriend?

This is how we first met Jonathan Carroll, in Superman #1, after the New 52 reboot. Lois Lane's boyfriend. 18lqo7lcup5m1jpg As well as confirmation that Lois and Clark had never even gotten close in this reboot. Not like that, anyway.

And so Carroll would turn up up every now and then. It would be ten months until his second appearance in Superman #11.

superman11-10hu0lOnly in Superman comic books written by Scott Lobdell – and then the two issues of Andy Diggle's aborted run on the Action Comics (when he tried unsuccessfully to removes Superman's hand). Other writers would simply ignore his existence.

2013-04-03 07-34-36 - Action comics 19-004

And in the upcoming Superman #43, he wakes up naked in Lois' bed (with a deformed left hand – did Diggle get his way?). No sign of Jonathan.

So What Ever Happened To Jonathan Carroll, Lois Lane's Boyfriend?

And when talking about their respective partners…


…is that really what you would say of your partner of months that the other knows about? And when the hell did the almost-falling-in-love happen?

Superman (2011-) 029-016

I think Jonathan's last appearance was in Superman #29 with this scene… could he have taken Lois' psychic order a little too literally… and forgotten the whole thing with Lois?

And has she now moved on? And what exactly did she do with Jonathan? Bury him under the patio?

A lead-lined patio…

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