Stan Lee v The Bloodsuckers

The latest in the strange saga of Stan Lee's recent life comes to us via TMZ — as it has very often in the past several months — with the tantalizing headline My Business Associate is a Bloodsucker!!!, and with an equally tantalizing follow-up.  As my associate Rich Johnston noted to me just now, if this had been posted a few hours earlier than it was, one might have assumed an April Fool. But it seems not:

Stan Lee's former business associate is like a vampire … he literally sucked the blood out of Stan's body — well, not exactly literally, but close.

Here's what we're told. The businessman went to Stan's personal nurse back in October with a forged document giving him authority to order a blood sample from the Marvel maven. Our sources claim he told the nurse to fill several vials and she obliged. We're told she took so much Stan became dizzy.

No one from Stan's camp had a clue the samples were taken, but we're told his friend and partner, Keya Morgan, recently discovered the possible foul play. We're told Stan's people believe the former business associate has commissioned pens — presumably linked to Stan and Marvel — and the pens have an ink substitute … blood!!!

Stan's peeps believe the business associate plans to sell the pens for a fortune, and they want to put a stop to it STAT. So Stan's team has hired attorney Jonathan Freund to get to the bottom of the alleged plasma plot and not only file a lawsuit, but a police report as well.

The accused bloodsucking business associate is unnamed, here.  We're to draw our own conclusions, apparently.  It seems odd that TMZ's source didn't have the name, if there's enough for a lawsuit and a police report.  So that's certainly a puzzler.

This follows a string of events played out in the press recently, from harassment claims, concerns over Lee's associates both for and against, and accusations of check forgery.  And lots, and lots, and lots of concern for Stan Lee from industry professionals.

I don't know Stan Lee aside from having shaken his hand a few times at conventions over the years, and of course, I know his work very well. I don't know any of his business associates at all.  But if you're protecting the interests of a 95 year old man in frail health, it seems an unusual strategy to constantly leak this info to the likes of TMZ and The Daily Mail, rather than take it directly to court and start to get it handled.  As of this morning, as far as I can tell, PACER contains no filings that cover any of these matters.

If there are any bloodsuckers associated with Stan Lee, as that TMZ headline suggests, then they certainly do deserve scrutiny, and that would seem to be the best way to handle it.

Stan Lee
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