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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice #2 Review: Whodunnit

Following up on the captivating debut, IDW Publishing's latest Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series, Too Long a Sacrifice, is back with its second issue from longtime Trek writers Scott Tipton and David Tipton, artist Greg Scott, colorist Felipe Sobreiro, and letterer Neil Uyetake. The series continues the mystery of the first issue, which only deepens as Chief of Security Odo continues to investigate and uncover new, strange connections.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice #2 cover. Credit: IDW Publishing
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice #2 cover. Credit: IDW Publishing

The Tiptons have crafted here a classic whodunnit using the cast and setting of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (the best cast, by my measure, of any Trek series). The key to this mystery is that it would be a compelling case even if it were about humans and American politics rather than the alien species and Bajoran governments involved in this story. With the core of this compelling mystery, the Tiptons use it to let the characters shine, showcasing Odo's patient dedication, Worf's focused rage, Quark's lovable sleaziness. The same quality that made the first issue so great is present here as well: it feels, beat for beat, like an episode of the show, and that is a Deep Space Nine fan's dream when taking a shot at reading a licensed comic.

The art by Greg Scott and Felipe Sobreiro is even better in this Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice #2, with the characters depicted perfectly. It isn't just that Scott captures the actors' likenesses well, though: he and Sobreiro capture the essence of the characters and build a dark, noir-inspired visual palette along the way. The lettering from Neil Uyetake adds to the overall feel with graceful simplicity in the choice of caption colors and the font used for the overlay during location changes.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice #2 continues to be the perfect licensed comic, creating a narrative that feels exactly like an episode of the show while also telling a story that's interesting to newcomers.

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