Star Trek/Dr Seuss Parody By Tribbles Creator, Live From Court

Comics publisher and reporting website ComicMix has been fighting a legal case for a few years now against the estate of Dr Seuss. It revolves around a Kickstarter for a book written by Star Trek Tribbles creator and writer  David Gerrold and drawn by Stig's Inferno'Ty Templeton, for a Star Trek/Dr Seuss mashup paro dy called "Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go".

Now I am not a lawyer and I do not play one on the internet. But it seems that this should have been a straight-up fair use/parody decision. But it seems now. It is still ongoing – in fact as I write this, it is playing out live in a socially distanced courtroom in the US Ninth Circuit and streaming over YouTube right now. Ahead of the beginning of this stream, ComicMix issued the following content. You can probably catch up if you want.

We know at this time, no one feels very funny,
But Dr. Seuss still wants to take all our money.
So if you're stuck at home thanks to COVID-19
with nothing to do in your long quarantine,
we'd like you to know as a last resort
you can see DSE appeal their loss in court
as the previous ruling they'll try to impugn!
It'll happen on Monday at the stroke of high noon
(that's Eastern time; West coast, it's three hours prior).
It streams live on YouTube, so watch as their… lawyer
attempts to rebut the last judge's decision
by claiming her judgement had much imprecision.
We'll stick to the facts and we'll cite precedent
as the Ninth Circuit hears our (remote!) argument.

The links are below and there's bandwidth to spare,
so watch justice in action— we hope you'll be there!

As I write the judge appears to have difficulty is understanding how the following is a parody, while the defense it talking about the undercurrent of both Star Trek and Seuss, of parody and mash-up. Why not pop by judge for yourself?

Star Trek/Dr Seuss Parody By Tribbles Creator, Live From Court.
Star Trek/Dr Seuss Parody By Tribbles Creator, Live From Court. Art from publisher.


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