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Dynamite Destroys Dr Seuss Parody Comics Covers After Concerns Raised
The decision of the Seuss estate to pull a handful of the more unpopular Seuss books over issues with how they portrayed Black or Asian people has been represented by some bad actors as the banning or cancellation of all Dr Seuss books Rather than the usual shifting of what is or is not acceptable[...]
Comics publisher and reporting website ComicMix has been fighting a legal case for a few years now against the estate of Dr Seuss It revolves around a Kickstarter for a book written by Star Trek Tribbles creator and writer  David Gerrold and drawn by Stig's Inferno's Ty Templeton, for a Star Trek/Dr Seuss mashup paro dy called[...]
Batman Reads Dr. Seuss
Now for something fun and silly. Seems like we all could use something fun and silly. Bat in the Sun, the production company behind Super Power Beatdown