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IFC's Documentary Now! Bill Hader & Fred Armisen Back For Season 4
A returning pinnacle of parody, IFC's Documentary Now! is returning for a fourth season and with new takes on a list of some popular documentaries both past and present Bill Hader and Fred Armisen gather again in this fourth season of the hilarious series that gave us some classic and quotable moments to hold in our[...]
Dulé Hill & James Roday Spoof “Somebody’s Watching Me” Music Video | Peacock At-Home Variety Show
Do you always feel like Psych is all they see, and they don't know your history? Dulé Hill knows that struggle, and he sings about it in a parody version of Rockwell's 1984 hit "Somebody's Watching Me", along with a little help from James Roday, Maggie Lawson, Jimmi Simpson, and of course his wife, Jazmyn[...]
But it seems that this should have been a straight-up fair use/parody decision But it seems now It is still ongoing – in fact as I write this, it is playing out live in a socially distanced courtroom in the US Ninth Circuit and streaming over YouTube right now Ahead of the beginning of this[...]
Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from "The Office," image courtesy of NBC Universal.
On 30 for 30's Facebook page, the series dared to ask, "What if I told you, the greatest Michael wasn't Jordan?" What followed was an almost believable look back at that classic moment. Michael Jordan and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from "The Office": The Battle of the Best Michael, images courtesy of ESPN and NBC Universal. Michael[...]
Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie Share Their Backstory 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' Style
So pick up your banana and take their call: they're coming for your throne — and Rubber Duckie's ridin' shotgun! Possibly as a response to adults spending way too much time projecting their own interpretations, insecurities, and issues onto two Muppets whose only "ulterior motive" is to make your kids into better human beings, Sesame Street treated us to[...]
Syfy's Sharknado 6 Time Travelling to an August Premiere
If it's summer, then it must be time for the next chapter in Syfy's sweeping saga of love, loss, and D-level actors: Sharknado 6. Premiering Sunday, August 19 at 8 p.m., the sixth (and Syfy claims "final") film in the franchise also sees Ian Ziering, Tara Reid and Cassie Scerbo returning
The Suicide Squad By Way Of Lady Gaga Thanks To The Hillywood Show
The Hindi sisters are back at it again with a new addition to their Hillywood Show's collection of parody videos The comedy sister duo of Hilly and Hannah have previously tackled Twilight, Supernatural, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Doctor Who and have now decided to tackle a Suicide Squad framed parody of Lady Gaga's Judas. Directed by[...]
Oh, Archie! Archie And The Tijuana Bible Scene
Parody adult comics still exist today, and in some part it's thanks to Tijuana Bibles. The few Archie related ones I've seen depict Archie with Betty, Archie with Veronica, one of them has Reggie in it Currently, a good deal of Archie fans are upset over the relationship between Archie and Ms Grundy in Riverdale[...]
The Parody Account That Dare Not Speak Its Name
Parody Twitter accounts The internet is full of them Carrying on a long tradition of parody columns, taking a persona of a famous individual to both mock them and also provide wider social commentary The "Dear Bill" column in Private Eye, purporting to be the fortnightly letters of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's husband to a[...]
Four Thor Story Posters
Those Thor headshot posters from Marvel Studios last week have kinda stuck with me. Earlier today the kids put on a certain favourite DVD. And as a
The Fear Itself Teaser Artwork
Can this officially be the first online Fear Itself parody? Okay, okay, here's the actual Fear Itself teaser artwork stuff. Okay, okay, sorry, I did it again Promise this time. Can this officially be the first online Fear Itself parody? Okay, okay, here's the actual Fear Itself teaser artwork stuff. Okay,[...]
Five Of The Best From The Gutters
Writer Ryan Sohmer and a collection of artists having been creating spot on incisive snark and parody on the comics industry since the summer Here are five of my industry-focussed favourites And look for some exclusive Gutters content on Bleeding Cool soon… I came across a print out of The-Gutters at NYCC[...]