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It revolves around a Kickstarter for a book written by Star Trek Tribbles creator and writer  David Gerrold and drawn by Stig's Inferno's Ty Templeton, for a Star Trek/Dr Seuss mashup paro dy called "Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go". Now I am not a lawyer and I do not play one on the internet[...]
Science Division Releases New "Star Trek" Interactive Tribbles
The thing will act like a real Tribble, or as real as one can get from the series, including purring and detecting Klingons! They'll be debuting the Tribbles at the Star Trek Las Vegas 2019 convention from July 31st until August 4th You can read more about it below and check out the video about them,[...]
"Trouble With Tribbles" At 50: Writer David Gerrold Reflects
"The Trouble With Tribbles" is often at the top of 'best' and 'favorite' lists, and continues to be an enduring tale in the Trek lexicon. Photo from CBS The 13th episode in the second season (this being up for debate because of "The Cage" and everything around it), "Tribbles" was directed by Joseph Pevney from a script by[...]
Dave & Buster's Gets In On The 50th Anniversary Of Star Trek
In addition to the limited edition card, the first set of eight character cards, available through October 2016, feature Star Trek legends from the 1960s TV series, including Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Sulu, and a rare card featuring the Tribbles Each card is also available in a limited, foil-enhanced version, redeemable for even bigger prizes.   For more[...]