"Star Trek: Q Conflict #5" Say Hi to the Borg (REVIEW)

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Star Trek: The Q Conflict is getting close to its conclusion, as IDW's romp through the greatest hits of every Star Trek ever careens merrily off into another part of the Universe.

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When we left Q and company, everyone was struggling to keep the fabric of reality unraveling as the Wormhole Aliens decided to teach Q a valuable lesson about poking sleeping bears. Right when everything looks like its about to go completely sideways, two more Q intervene and stop the fracas. It's cosmic level Star Trek at its finest!

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This is where Q Conflict really shines, by the way. Casual Star Trek fans are sure to have fun with the series, but those of us who have invested huge chunks of our lives to the franchise will be delighted. One of the Q that pops in is Amanda Rogers, who appeared in The Next Generation episode True Q. The other Q is "Q2", who was played by Corbin Bernsen in "Deja Q". It's so much fun seeing all of these tertiary characters coming through the narrative, and the writers have done a great job keeping the surprises coming along.

There is even a guest appearance from one character that I wasn't expecting in the slightest, but hey, it works.

Once the Q situation with the Wormhole Aliens gets sussed out, Trelane decides the rules of the next contest, and he wants a Borg Queen. Oh, boy.

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The script, once again, clips along at a fantastic pace, with a lot of quippy dialogue flung around by the god-level characters involved. The Starfleet characters are captured wonderfully, and it's easy to hear the voices of the different Star Trek actors speaking the dialogue as you read the comics.

I'm still thrilled with the art team of David Messina, Elizabetta D'Amico, and Neil Uyetake. The ships are perfect, the characters are fantastically realized, and the whole book is a gorgeous read. Everything is just perfect Star Trek, which doesn't happen as much as one would hope.

The contest for the ages continues as the Captains race to capture the one exotic creature that Trelane is missing from his intergalactic menagerie—a Borg Queen! But as the Godlike beings revel in the games, the crews are hatching a plan of their own. Don't miss the penultimate issue of the biggest Star Trek crossover of all time!

SUMMARY: Writers: Scott Tipton & David Tipton; Pencils: David Messina; Inks: Elizabetta D'Amico; Lettering: Neil Uyetake; Editor: Chase Marotz; Publisher: IDW Publishing; Release Date: June 12, 2019; Cover Price: #3.99; 34 Pages.

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