Stephanie Brown Returns In Batman Eternal – This Is The Plan

dc logoBreaking out of the New 52 liveblog by Pete Sailer (@PetesPanels) with Romeo Gebuza (@therealroman) and Dan Cello (@radicaldann) right now… Stephanie Brown will be in Batman Eternal, the new weekly Batman comic from DC coming out next year.

Can't confirm actual issue number for Stephanie Brown's appearance, but "expect her soon in the weekly."

Cunningham: "For all the Bleeding Cool stringers, that was Scott Snyder not Geoff Johns."

Obligatory Stephanie Brown question. NOT SO generic DC answer.

Snyder on Brown: "Modern fresh take that honors the character." Expect her in Batman Eternal #3

Stephanie Brown WILL appear in Batman Eternal!

Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain cosplayers asked whether they will be coming back.

Rich adds: Stephanie Brown, Spoiler, Batgirl, was a DC character dumped by the New 52 relaunch, marked apart for her very ordinariness. She was a character a reader could actually aspire to be. A loyal fan following has kept her constantly in the limelight as a totem for the publisher's response to the fans. Bleeding Cool did state recently that, despite the belief of some, DC did have a plan to bring her back. This is that plan…

Of course, whether the fans like this version, is yet to be seen…

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