Stranger Things Prequel, Halloween in Hawkins, Coming This October

"The Demogorgon wasn't Hawkins first haunt." Dark Horse kicked off their latest Stranger Things announcement with this cryptic teaser for their new prequel to the hit Duffer Brothers series. Continuing their series of Stranger Things tie-ins that expand on the Netflix show, Dark Horse is giving the comic a spooky special this October with Stranger Things: Halloween in Hawkins. Teasing a potential new monster, the Child-Eater, it appears this issue will be an anthology of horror stories told by the cast.

Stranger Things: Halloween in Hawkins cover. Credit: Dark Horse Comics.
Stranger Things: Halloween in Hawkins cover. Credit: Dark Horse Comics.

Dark Horse announced in their PR:

In the days before season one of the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things, less than a week before Will disappears, it's Halloween in Hawkins. Comics all-star Michael Moreci (Wasted Space, Star Wars), Todor Hristov (The Forever Maps, Soul Trader), Chris O'Halloran (Ice Cream Man, Immortal Hulk) and Nate Piekos bring you the Stranger Things Halloween Special One-Shot.

It's Halloween night in Hawkins, Indiana and Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin gather in Castle Byers to eat candy and scare each other with spooky stories. Little do they know, they'll reveal the quaint town's deepest kept secret—the Child-Eater of Hawkins.

Michael Moreci is a welcome addition to Dark Horse's world of Stranger Things. The writer, known for his creator-owned comics Wasted Space and The Plot, has a penchant for heartfelt, character-driven genre fiction that fits the mold of Stranger Things very well. The Dark Horse series has had a limited room as far as where they can take the characters because the events of the show put restrictions on how many supernatural events can happen to the characters outside of what we've already seen. "Guess what, the Upside Down swallowed us up again between seasons, but let's just not talk about it on the show for some reason" might not be something the fans will buy. Moreci's attention to character, though, will likely lead to the writer exploring the cast in inventive ways. Who needs a Demogorgon attack when we can get… you know, introspection? That is unless this "Child-Eater" turns out to be a real creature.

Stranger Things: Halloween in Hawkins comes from Dark Horse this, you guessed it, October.

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