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AWA Studios Releases Launch Video Ahead of March Launch of Their Comics

AWA Studios Releases Launch Video Ahead of March Launch of Their Comics [Video]

New publish AWA Studios will be launching their first four comic series on March 18th. The launch titles will be The Resistance, Archangel 8, Red Border and Hotell. It's one of the strongest opening lineups I've seen in years, offering thematically dense stories with strong political and social undertones. It's very reminiscent of the type […]

AWA Studios Launches Retailer Incentives Ahead of 2020 Launch

AWA Studios Launches Retailer Incentives Ahead of 2020 Launch

Artists, Writers and Artisans, the new publishing company headed by Axel Alonso and Bill Jemas, is preparing for its official launch in 2020. The company wlll start with four inaugural titles in March 2020. In preparation for the launch, the company is launching The AWA Retailer Council, an initiative to give comics retailers incentives to […]

NYCC: AWA Studios’ “Upshot Now #0” Comic Now Available at Midtown Comics

AWA Studios' "Upshot Now #0" Comic Now Available at Midtown Comics

As we wrote before, AWA Studios' Upshot Now #0 anthology was the giveaway to get at New York Comic Con this year. It's a 140-page black and white paperback comic full of gorgeous writing and artwork. It featured three full first issues of upcoming comics and the opening pages of five other series. You get […]

Dan Abnett Returns to Marvel Cosmic for Annihilation Scourge in December Solicits

Dan Abnett Returns to Marvel Cosmic for Annihilation Scourge in December Solicits

Marvel has revealed the December solicitations for Annihilation Scourge, following the Annihilation Scourge Alpha one-shot that launches the event in November. It looks like the event will include a series of one-shots in December and then wrap up with an Omega issue that same month. It's not revealed whether there will be any additional one-shots […]

Wasted Space Audio Drama Gets Trailer, Release Date

Wasted Space Audio Drama Gets Trailer, Release Date

Vault Comics and Graphic Audio have revealed the trailer and release date for the audio drama adaptation of Wasted Space, the hit comic book created by Michael Moreci and Hayden Sherman. The audio drama, first announced back in May when Moreci signed an extended deal with Vault, will be "adapted directly from the graphic novel […]

Michael Moreci, Gary Dauberman, and Zak Hartong Launch The Mall at Vault Comics

Michael Moreci, Gary Dauberman, and Zak Hartong Launch The Mall at Vault Comics

Yesterday, Vault Comics announced that they had signed a new deal with writer Michael Moreci for more issues of his current Vault Series, Wasted Space, as well as additional projects, one of them with a high-profile screenwriter. Today, Vault announced what that project is and who the screenwriter is, via an access journalism piece on […]

Michael Moreci Signs with Vault for Wasted Space Audio Drama, More Comics

Michael Moreci Signs with Vault for Wasted Space Audio Drama, More Comics

Michael Moreci is expanding his relationship with Vault Comics, the company revealed through an access journalism piece with Graeme "Graham" McMillan at The Hollywood Reporter Wednesday. In addition to continuing to produce issues of Wasted Space, Moreci and artist Hayden Sherman's creator-owned comic book series, Moreci will be working with Graphic Audio on an audio […]

Michael Moreci and Breno Tamura Launch a New Battlestar Galactica Comic at Dynamite

Dynamite Entertainment has announced a new Battlestar Galactica comic launching in February, from a creative team including Michael Moreci and Breno Tamura. Called Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command, the story will focus on space vampires that sparkle in the sunlight. Wait, maybe we should check the press release first. Our bad, it will actually be about […]

Batman: Detective Comics #982 cover by Sebastian Fiumara and Brad Anderson

Detective Comics #982 Review: A Darkly Beautiful One-Off Story

Deacon Blackfire has returned, and he is using the homeless and downtrodden of Gotham as the scions of his revival. He has kidnapped a young boy named Joshua to be his new vessel. Thankfully, Batman is here to stop Blackfire's schemes, but the deacon may yet infect the Dark Knight too. Detective Comics #982 is […]

Nightwing #43 cover by Jorge Jimenez and Alejandro Sanchez

Nightwing #43 Review: The Talkative Trio

Dick Grayson is settling in for a night off when he gets a call from Robin and Arsenal for help from Nightwing in Gotham City. They quickly discover that they have stumbled upon a League of Assassins operation led by Cheshire. The three quarreling heroes have a long night ahead of them. Nightwing #43 is […]

Batman '66 Grooves into Archie Comics July 2018 Solicits

Prepare for some psychadelic reading material from Archie this July, as Batman '66 crosses over with Archie under the creative team of Jeff Parker, Michael Moreci, Dan Parent, J. Bone, Kelly Fitzpatrick, and Jack Morelli. Full details below. ARCHIE HORROR VAMPIRONICA #4 NEW ONGOING SERIES! The vampire siege on Riverdale begins! Will Veronica lead the town towards salvation… or […]

Vault Comics June 2018 Solicits

Zojaqan Complete Series Collected: Vault Comics June 2018 Solicits

Publisher Vault Comics has Vagrant Queen, Cult Classic: Return to Whisper, and Wasted Space coming from Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl), Eliot Rahal (Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe), and Michael Moreci (Hack/Slash) respectively coming out this June. The publisher has some talent under their belt. Full details of their releases for June can be found below. Plus, the complete Zojaqan from Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Nathan Gooden is […]

Black Star Renegades

Michael Moreci Talks Black Star Renegades, Wasted Space, and the Snyder Cut

You probably know Michael Moreci as a writer of comics like Roche Limit at Image Comics, The Flash at DC Comics, and the upcoming Wasted Space at Vault Comics. But Moreci recently leveled up as well with his first published novel, Black Star Renegades. "In the tradition of Star Wars, a galaxy-hopping space adventure about […]

Vault Comics May 2018 Solicits

Vagrant Queen by Magdelene Visaggio: Vault Comics May 2018 Solicits

Magdalene Visaggio, alongside artist Jason Smith, starts off the series Vagrant Queen through publisher Vault Comics. Plus Songs of the Dead, from Andrea Fort, Michael Christopher Heron, and Sam Beck, reaches its conclusion. All of this and more can be found in their May 2018 solicits. Details below. MAR182062 DEEP ROOTS #2 (W) Dan Watters (A) Val Rodrigues (CA) Dani Strips As two worlds bleed […]

dick tracy

Archie's Dick Tracy Revival Canceled Due to Licensing Error

A week after it was announced, Archie Comics has been forced to cancel its planned Dick Tracy comic by Alex Segura, Michael Moreci, and Thomas Pitilli. The news was revealed in a series of now-deleted tweets by the Tribune Content Agency, which were captured by website io9 before disappearing into the Twitter ether. Here's what they […]

Deep Roots and Wasted Space: Vault Comics April 2018 Solicits

New graphic novels Alien Bounty Hunter Vol. 1, Colossi Vol. 1, and Stalag-X, and new series Deep Roots and Wasted Space are coming out courtesy of Vault Comics this April. Check out more details below. ALIEN BOUNTY HUNTER, VOL. 1 Writer(s):  Adrian Wassel & David Booher Artist(s): Nick Robles Cover Artist(s): Nick Robles & Tim Daniel Letters: Deron Bennett Ben Madsen is […]

Flash #35 cover by Neil Googe Ivan Plascencia

The Flash #35 Review: More Upbeat And Energetic

Meena Dhawan has absorbed the Negative Speed Force out of Barry Allen, becoming the Negative Flash. She explains how Black Hole saved her from the Speed Force, and she blames the Flash for getting stuck within the dimension in the first place. She abandons the Barry and Wally to be captured by Black Hole. So, […]

Flash #34 cover by Neil Googe and Ivan Plascencia

The Flash #34 Review: Another Dark Flash

Meena, thought dead at the hands of Godspeed, has returned. She warns the Flash that his Negative Speed Force powers are killing him. She wants Barry, with the help Kid Flash, to exhibit these Negative Speed Force abilities so that she can measure them and possibly determine a means of removing them. However, some parts […]