Succubishez's Michelle Lam Sells Meesh the Bad Demon For 6 Figures

Michelle Lam, creator of the Succubishez comic on WebToons and on Instagram, (with 415,000 followers) is a character animator and artist living in LA, specializing in storyboarding, 2D Animation, and illustration. She also illustrated DC character promos for San Diego Comic Con 2017. And she has now just sold two debut print graphic novels to Marisa DiNovis at Knopf, starting a new middle-grade graphic novel series starring her character Meesh the Bad Demon, a regular star of Succubishez, including some rather unforgettable advice about dealing with UTIs. Back then she wrote,


It's always been easier to tell stories to my closest friends. The way I tell stories to them will always be more raw and unfiltered as opposed to the ones I tell to strangers or people I just met — censored, incomplete, and pretty rated G. I wanted to create a comic where I can just be myself (while keepin sh-t postive af), and also unify these various stories into something meaningful *GAGS* despite the dildos, UTIs, and curse words. Ultimately, I'm just getting a clearer vision of what I want to make out of some of my "my life" comics, so here's the leap of freakin faith yo bish is taking for it. THANK YOU FOR LIKING MY SH-T

And she also told her Instagram audience,

So some of y'all have been wondering what happened to Meesh, and she didn't disappear…she got a promotion! I am currently working on a secret project (not SUCCUBISHEZ) and am officially agented by Chelsea Eberly of Greenhouse Literary! ( More to be announced later…

Meesh The Bad Demon is pitched slightly differently, potentially for a young audience. Publisher's Weekly describes it thus;

Pitched as Bone meets Zita the Spacegirl and Roller Girl, the story follows young demon Meesh as she goes on an adventure to save the Underworld, making surprising new friends, defeating bullies, and realizing the secret to real power is loving yourself.

The first two graphic novels will be published by Knopf in the summer of 2022 and 2023, respectively. Her agent, Chelsea Eberly at Greenhouse Literary did the deal. Here's a look at how Meesh is looking now…


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