Infected by a Crossover in Supergirl #37 [Preview]

Supergirl #37 is in stores from DC Comics tomorrow, featuring a new creative team, Jody Houser and Rachel Stott, and practically a brand new Supergirl, as Kara has become one of the Infected, a group of heroes twisted into evil versions of themselves by The Batman Who Laughs, a twisted version of Batman who is, we're just gonna put it out there, literally the stupidest comic book character ever created. But he's inexplicably popular, so we're stuck with this crossover, which means we might as well make the best of it. Can Houser and Stott succeed?

In an interview on DC's website, Houser talks about just that:

It's definitely been an interesting challenge! We've seen angry Supergirl before, so we're trying to for a bit of a different take here. The fact that Supergirl still sees herself as a hero here is a fun aspect to play with.

Supergirl's invite to the infected party was something of an accident, as the batarang that infected her was originally meant for Superman. And she's very much NOT interested in being someone's second choice to the dance.

Since we're tying into multiple events, most of the coordination has been through editorial, who keep track of all the shifting pieces. But Joshua and James are both fantastic, so it's exciting to be connected to what they're doing.

Check out the preview below. Supergirl #37 hits stores tomorrow.

(W) Jody Houser (A) Rachael Stott (CA) Bengal
Infected Supergirl strikes! After Supergirl protects Superman from getting infected by the Batman Who Laughs virus, she gets infected herself…and accepts this new version of herself with pride! With Batman and Superman claiming to want to "cure" her to cover up that she had to protect Superman, and the Batman Who Laughs wanting to use her in his own plans, which side will Supergirl choose? Or will she forge a whole new alliance?
In Shops: Dec 11, 2019
SRP: $3.99


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