Tako Vs. 4Chan On DC's June Solicitations – Batman And Ra's Al Ghul

foreverYesterday, we ran news on Infinity Man And The Forever People, a title that seemed to have been been semi-predicted in a post a week ago by an anonymous poster on the popular forum 4chan, along with a bunch of other projects.

We didn't run that rumour at the time, unlike some, because I wasn't able to verify any of it to my satisfaction. The same happened with other predictions about the post-Forever Evil DC landscape. But the confirmation of Forever People felt it was at least worth mentioning, if nothing else

Today that's been blown out of the water completely. And why? Because Tako has posted.

And Tako knows. And is laughing. He writes.

batman and ra's al ghul #32. LOL 4CHAN LOLOLOLOLOLOL

trinity of sin: pandora #12. it was not silently cancelled. LOL 4CHAN LOLOLOLOLOLOL

infinity man and the forever people #1

harley quinn #0 director's-cut

As always, my money is on Tako. Also, you know, I've been able to independently verify it myself. Which is always nice…


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