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Terrific Production LLC Responds to Criticism, Claims Twitter is Run by 5-Person Social Media Team

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on a contest announced by Andrew Rev's Terrific Production LLC, the company which bought the rights to Youngblood out from under Rob Liefeld, asking fans to send in designs for characters they created, with one to be chosen to fight Youngblood in an upcoming comic. However, by submitting to the contest, Terrific Production LLC would own the copyright and trademark to the characters. This didn't go over very well, and the contest was soon canceled.

That didn't stop people talking about it, however, so between the hours of 3AM-5AM Eastern time, Terrific Production LLC responded over one-hundred times to tweets criticizing the contest with the exact same tweet:

So that's settled then. In other new developments, Terrific also created some controversy after reposting the text of the following tweet by Chris Fenoglio without crediting the author:

Prompting a question about the company's professed commitment to creators' rights:

Terrific did retweet Fenoglio's original tweet before posting the text uncredited. But more importantly, questions about the tweet credit led to a shocking revelation:

Yes, that's right, as confirmed in another twitter exchange, Terrific Production LLC now claims that its Twitter account is run not by Andrew Rev himself, but rather by a five-person social media team operating out of an undisclosed foreign country.

Though we do have to give them credit for maintaining a consistent voice.

The saga continues…

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