The Beacon, a New Headlocked One-Shot Co-Written by Mustafa Ali, is 99 Cents for Christmas Eve

As if closing out the year by pinning WWE Champion Daniel Bryan weren't enough of an accomplishment for 205 Live turned Smackdown superstar Mustafa Ali, Ali (real name" Adeel Alam) also has a comic book out today. Co-written with Headlocked's Michael Kingston with art by Nadia Ramlan, the 8-page story comes from Ali's real experience as a police office moonlighting as a wrestler.

The comic is available on the Headlocked website digitally for just 99 cents, so don't be a Scrooge and pick one up today. The cover by Doug Hills is an homage to Curt Swan's cover to Superman #201.

The Beacon by Adeel Alam (Mustafa Ali), Kingston, & Ramlan
Image of The Beacon by Adeel Alam (Mustafa Ali), Kingston, & Ramlan
Meet Rayaan Malik, a city police officer moonlighting as a professional wrestler. On a night when the "card is subject to change," Rayaan is offered a life-altering decision. This 8 pg. story is co-written by WWE star Adeel Alam (Mustafa Ali) and Headlocked's Mike Kingston with art by Nadia Ramlan and a Curt Swan Superman homage cover by Doug Hills.


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