The Daily LITG, November 15th, 2019 – Happy Birthday Heidi Macdonald

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The 15 most-read stories yesterday

  1. Did Marvel Censor the New Wolverine Logo Because We Were Too Close to the Truth?
  2. The Truth About Wolverine, Cyclops, and Marvel Girl Finally Revealed [Spoilers]
  3. Tom Spurgeon, Comics Journalist and Historian, Passes Away at Age 50
  4. Classic DC Comics Character Gets a New Legacy Successor in Today's Justice League Odyssey #15 (Spoilers)
  5. So How On Earth Did the Black Cat Hide That Costume Under Her Wedding Dress (Annual Spoilers)
  6. "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" Final Quest Has Taken Flight
  7. Predator Returns to the Jungle for Predator Hunters III at Dark Horse in February
  8. They Seem to Be Sticking With *That* Death in Fallen Angels #1 – But Does X-Men #2 Offer A Way Out, While Watching Love Island? (Spoilers)
  9. Prime Minister Boris Johnson Takes Credit for Spider-Man and Superman Being British, Forgets About Batman
  10. 5 Pages From Marvel's Next Event Comic, Incoming!
  11. GameStop Getting Exclusive Star Wars: The Black Series Figures
  12. British General Election Gets a Batman/Joker Video Asking if Batman Is The Bad Guy?
  13. "Rick and Morty" Season 4 BTS: "Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat"
  14. Star Wars: The Strange Meaning Behind Greedo's "Maclunkey" Explained
  15. Terrific Production LLC to Challenge Marvel, Donny Cates With Rival Thor Comic

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Things to Do in London If You Like Comics, November 2019

And a happy birthday to…

The Daily LITG, November 15th, 2019 - Happy Birthday Heidi Macdonald
Photo by Luigi Novi
  • Heidi MacDonald, comic book editor, publisher, blogger as Comics Beat.
  • James Lucas Jones, publisher of Oni Press
  • Comics creator at Tugg:A Hero Among Us, Blake Ovard.
  • Dr David Sweeney, comics lecturer at Glasgow School of Art
  • Jordan Crane, cartoonist of  The Last Lonely Saturday, We Are All Me and The Clouds Above
  • Comics and Friends store owner Joe Lovece.
  • Kate Rice, comics journalist, formerly of this parish.
  • Atomic Basement store owner, Mike Wellman.
  • Stu Schwartzberg, comics writer on Crazy.
  • Comics writer on MAD, ALF, Sonic and Guardians Of The Galaxy, Michael Gallagher.
  • Mike Gustovich, creator of Justice Machine and artist at Milestone, now retired and teaching at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design.
  • Writer and artist on Lost In Space, Quantum Leap, Holy Cow, The Simpsons, George Broderick Jr.

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