The Final Issue Of Rick & Morty #60 Takes On a Sentient Coronavirus

The final issue of Rick & Morty #60 from Oni Press layers twist upon twist onto its Rickilluminati five-parter final storyline. We may get into the spoiler  twists upon twists in that final issue later, that make the recent heist episode of the TV show look like 'Murder She Wrote'. But what is really intriguing is, in a week in which the coronavirus took down the comic book industry, it also seems to take down Rick and Morty… but in a far more personal and present fashion.

rick morty 60 (4)

Terry Blas and Benjamin Dewey have a back-up strip called Attack The Virus, which sees a sick Jerry infected by a mystery virus. But obviously it was all Rick's fault.

rick morty 60 (3)But this coronavirus has agency…

rick and morty 60


And Morty clearly didn't wash his hands before touching his face.

rick morty 60 (1)

I guess it's harder to self isolate when an infinite-dimensional army of yourself all have portal guns and can pop by any second.

(W) Kyle Starks, Terry Blas (A) Ben Dewey (A/CA) Marc Ellerby
The Rick Illuminati has set a universe destroying bomb. Can Rick and Morty stop it before it goes off? Probably not, y'all, because this is the last issue of the esteemed, beautiful, perfect Regular Series run for Rick and Morty! Part Five of the Five Part story:  THE RICKONING In Shops: Mar 25, 2020 SRP: $3.99

Rick & Morty #60 was published from Oni Press this week, from this Monday if your shop was able to get it in… if not, it's on digital. Your call.

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