rick and morty

rick and morty

"Rick and Morty" Season 4 Returns May 3: Snowball, Tammy/Summer & More

Adult Swim did it's part to bring a little joy back to April Fool's Day, dropping the official trailer for Rick and Morty season 4.5 during the wee hours – and as you're about to see, this is clearly no joke. At a time when we find ourselves locked up in our homes, our small […]


"Loki" Scribe Drawn to, Focuses on Character's "Struggle With Identity"

Disney+ has a heavy couple of months ahead when it comes to the Marvel Studios side of the universe. With television and streaming productions shuttered left and right over the coronavirus pandemic, the relatively new streaming service is only months away from premiering it's first two live-action series: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and […]

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Adult Swim Greenlights Michael Cusack's "YOLO: Crystal Fantasy" Series

Clearly, we were in the minority when it came to Michael Cusack's animated Australian version of Rick and Morty, because we weren't huge fans of 2018's "Bushworld Adventures." We're hoping that the reason it was released by Adult Swim on April Fools Day was that they knew just how shockingly annoying it was – in […]

rick and morty

"Rick and Morty" Are "Samurai & Shogun" in New Adult Swim Short [VIDEO]

It's been an interesting midseason for Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty. Ever since their Super Bowl adventure with Pringles, the show's pimped doughnuts for Krispy Kreme (we're still bitter since it was only in Australia), urged us to wash out hands (and get our s**t together) over coronavirus concerns, and possibly clued […]

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"Solar Opposites": Hulu, "Rick and Morty" Duo's Series Lands New Teaser

In the following official teaser for Rick and Morty duo Justin Roiland and Mike McMahn's upcoming adult animated sci-fi Hulu series Solar Opposites, Korvo (Roiland), Yumyulack (Sean Giambrone), Terry (Thomas Middleditch), and Jesse (Mary Mack) clearly have some "differing opinions" when it comes to life on Earth (as you'll see in more detail when the […]

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The Final Issue Of Rick & Morty #60 Takes On a Sentient Coronavirus

The final issue of Rick & Morty #60 from Oni Press layers twist upon twist onto its Rickilluminati five-parter final storyline. We may get into the spoiler  twists upon twists in that final issue later, that make the recent heist episode of the TV show look like 'Murder She Wrote'. But what is really intriguing […]

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"Space Ghost", "Metalocalypse" & More: 7 Binge-Worthy Adult Swim Shows

Adult Swim has stepped up to combat all of this staying at home and "involuntary social distancing" by making a ton of their content available to stream for free. This is in many ways perfect, as this takes me back to a couple of decades ago adolescence, when I'd stay home most Friday nights and […]

rick and morty

"Rick and Morty" Confidential: Evidence of Past Cromulon Visit Found?

Did Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's Rick and Morty reveal a hidden truth about our civilization's past? Thanks to an archeological find from earlier this year, that might just be the case. And no, you're still reading an article about the Adult Swim series – your brain didn't suddenly jump to some other dimension. Let […]

“Back to the Future”: Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity

"Back to the Future": Stars Christopher Lloyd, Michael J. Fox Reunite for Charity

One of the fondest franchises yet to be remade is Back to the Future. Christopher Lloyd posted a picture with his co-star Michael J. Fox on Instagram. Lloyd appeared to support a charity poker tournament to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which funds research to combat Parkinson's disease. "Back to the Future" Synopsis Directed […]

"Rick And Morty" Is Coming To "Merge Dragons" In Crossover Event

"Rick And Morty" Comes To "Merge Dragons" In Crossover Event

Rick and Morty have decided to make another appearance in Merge Dragons as they drop in for another crossover event happening this weekend. Starting today and running through March 2nd, you'll have a special Leap year event that will run through the game, bringing the Adult Swim characters to the activities. You can see some […]