The Return Of The 616 To Marvel Comics? Or Another Spider-Mistake?

A while ago, Bleeding Cool predicted that Marvel was getting rid of the 616 nomenclature for the Marvel Universe. Created by Dave Thorpe/Alan Moore for Captain Britain, as a self-deprecatory joke, suggesting that the Marvel Universe was insignificant in the grander scheme of things, the term was popularised by Chris Claremont in the X-books. But as it was picked up by fans, it was disliked by Marvel executives. But as the likes of Time Runs Out and Spider-Verse were using it more and more, it seemed to me that Marvel creators were being told to just get it out of their system. It was going away. And so, with Secret Wars, the multiverse was destroyed and was in the process of being rebuilt by the Fantastic Four. And the Marvel Universe, in line with the ideas of American exceptionalism and Randian philosophy, was now Prime Earth. It was the first, it was the most important and therefore mattered more.

Web Warriors (2015-) 001-029

There was an exception though. Web Warriors sneaked a mention through. Which earned the wrath of Tom Brevoort.

Well, I understand that the new Spider-Women Alpha comic out this week, which sees Spider-Woman, Silk and Spider-Gwen hanging out in Gwen's Earth 65 may be bringing the 616 nomenclature back.


Will this need Tom to bring out the Spiderhammer again? Will Marvel just go with the flow? Or hav I, as usual, got it all wrong again? Maybe we'll find out tomorrow.

A dimension by any other number would smell so sweet.

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