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Dave Thorpe, the Man Who Invented Marvel's "616", Explains Where It Came From
Mad Jim Jaspers, Saturnyne, The Crazy Gang, the Jaspers Warp – and the idea that the Earth Captain Britain was fighting on, was designated 616. One of which is about to get a whole lot more of attention thanks to the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie, released in cinemas today The idea that the Marvel Earth[...]
The Return Of The 616 To Marvel Comics? Or Another Spider-Mistake?
A while ago, Bleeding Cool predicted that Marvel was getting rid of the 616 nomenclature for the Marvel Universe Created by Dave Thorpe/Alan Moore for Captain Britain, as a self-deprecatory joke, suggesting that the Marvel Universe was insignificant in the grander scheme of things, the term was popularised by Chris Claremont in the X-books[...]
For Those Who Miss The 616, A T-Shirt
It's more of an area code thing. But if anyone wants to show solidarity with the previous Marvel 616 Universe, with unstable Iso-8, a non-mutant killing Terrigen Mists, a Doctor Doom with a messed up face, and magic that works properly, here's where you can go….   Okay, so it has nothing to do with Marvel Comics[...]
Tom Brevoort Confirms "No More 616" – And It's The Last Fantastic Four Story
Back in May, Bleeding Cool looked at the use of the term "616" by Marvel to denote the main continuity in which their stories were told And suggested that its use was about to be curtailed. Invented by Dave Thorpe/Alan Moore for the Captain Britain comics, it was picked up by Chris Claremont for X-Men and[...]
Is The Marvel Universe Still Called The 616?
It originated with Captain Britain, the idea that the Marvel universe was number 616 in the Multiverse, a joke about perspective given that DC Comics had Earth 1 and Earth 2 It was a self deprecatory joke that the Marvel Earth was a much lower rank, 616, a more insignificant number. It was picked up by[...]
Is That *Really* The 616 And The Ultimate Universe In Ultimate End?
The Ultimate End comic, part of the Secret Wars spinoff titles shows us a Manhattan with two realities existing simultaneously, the Regular Marvel Universe, the 616 and the Ultimate Universe, 1610 And finding a way to get by, in the full knowledge that Doom doesn't approve of this sort of thing. But is it? At the end[...]
The Future Of The 616?
Marvel's Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort have each stated their dislike for the term Earth 616. "I can tell you for sure that those of us actually working on the books virtually never use the term — and I kind of wince inside whenever I hear somebody use it[...]
Secret Wars #1 Sells 500,000 And The End Of The 616 – Really?
I remember a time when Marvel's Tom Brevoort said that they never used the "616" sobriquet internally at Marvel Comics Created by Alan Moore for Captain Britain, it identified the dimension in which the Marvel universe occurred DC Comics had Earth 1 and Earth 2, so Marvel had Earth 616 It was a good joke,[...]
Friday Trending Topics: The Convergence Of The Marvel Empire
 Enough dots to start connecting? I think their might be. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: The Ultimate/616 Crossover In Spider-Men Has Been Going On Longer Than We Thought (SPOILERS)  The article reveals the villain involved has been popping from universe to universe and has shown up in previous issues of Ultimate Spider-Man But in disguise. Rumours Of DC Editorial Changes[...]
Joe Quesada, Joss Whedon And Colossus
Joe Quesada, on defending his decision to publish Spider-Men, when previously he'd said such an Ultimate/616 crossover would mean Marvel was officially out of ideas. Look, one of the things that used to get thrown back at me all the time is, "Dead is dead You said dead is dead." No, that wasn't the entire quote[...]
The First 616/Ultimate Crossover – "A Spider-Man Story That Matters"
The New York Daily News has reported that in June, the touted Spider-Men series from Marvel will be the first official crossover between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. Brian Bendis has long decried such an event, denying that the Ultimate Universe is even an alternate reality to the 616 And getting annoyed by[...]
The New Free Single From Adam WarRock, 616
Adam WarRock has released the first single from his upcoming rap album  You Dare Call That Thing Human?!? out on February 13th. The single? Oh it's called 616 Yes, that 616. It's available for free digital download If anyone wants to geekannodate it, feel free Where is Jess Nevins when you need him? The radio edit single is available[...]