The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns!

Mr. Gordon,

As you've asked I have read over your promotional piece that is going to run on Bleeding Cool and I have put my corrections and suggestions in italics where necessary. Having read your scripts for the four issue series of Revenge of the Fanboys! I can safely say that it is a good thing you contacted me for legal guidance. While it is a parody and thus resides safely within the Fair Use exception you are treading a razors edge. Furthermore I'm not sure having your villains of the series be caricatures of popular comic writers and artists is a good idea, given their prominence in the field in which you are trying to enter.

Regardless, I wish you luck with your future endeavors.

John Haverstead III Esq.

P.S. I find your offer to pay my expenses with "exposure" to be very kind but I will have to insist on cash or card.

P.P.S. When engaging in professional correspondences please consider using a writing instrument other than a crayon.

P.P.P.S. This letter and these corrections are for your eyes only; please don't do what you did last time and just lazily forward the whole thing to the intended company. That's not exactly putting your best foot forward.

That's right; we are back for round two! (I wouldn't start out by referencing an earlier failure.)

I last ran a Kickstarter for this series in January, but wasn't successful. So why would I expect different results this time? Simple, the ART is done, the COLORS are done, the LETTERING is done, the whole thing is DONE! The only thing left to do at this point is to print it! (You come off a little "used car salesman" here)

That means the funding goal will be much lower, and there is ZERO risk to you!

But really the most appealing thing I can do for you at this point is to tell you to go check out the completed pages at the bottom of this article. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Great, your eyes just feasted on some of the amazing work done by superstar Adrian Sibar! He is known for his work on BATGIRL, SIX GUN GORILLA, and BANG TANGO. Rounding out our creative team is the peerless Micah Myers on letters/design. He has done work for IMAGE, DARK HORSE, ACTION LAB, DEVIL'S DUE, and many others.

So what's the story about?

The series is centered on our titular fanboys, Jack and Todd who are attending their favorite comic book convention, when they accidently discover that the "Big Two" are intending to sell the characters off to a movie company, essentially killing the comic book industry!

Who's involved?

Jack and Todd are our titular fanboys, and they will be opposed by some of the greatest and most popular writers and artists in the comic book industry! (For legal purposes you should probably clarify here that they are PARODIES of popular writers and artists. No actual people or copyrighted characters are depicted)

Will people die?

Yes. Yes they will. (In issue 2.Let's be wary of false advertising.)

Will you make fun of people that wear socks with sandals?

Yes. Yes I will. (Sartorial issues aside, I feel the need to point out that people that wear socks with sandals have money too and it would be unwise to alienate them)

Anything else I need to know?

That's about it! If you want to read my previous post at Bleeding Cool you can see it here:

The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns! The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns! The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns! The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns! The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns! The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns! The Series That Tens of People Demanded Returns!

So if you are a fan of funny comics please consider backing this project!

You can find me on twitter at @watchdanwrite.

Adrian is on instagram at adriansibarstream and Micah is on twitter @micahmyers.

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