The Woods Is Announced At Boom! For 36 Issues


At NYCC on Saturday morning in a Boom! panel, Matt Gagnon said that the pitch for The Woods was one of the best he'd ever read and loved it immediately. Tynion said Scott Snyder once asked him, "If you could only write one comic for the rest of your life, what would it look like?" and that caused Tynion to question his wide-ranging interest in genres. He decided to meld all of the disparate elements he likes in The Woods for that reason. He described the characters in the story as having traits and insecurities like his own. Gagnon and Tynion talked about the "powerlessness" of the teachers and adults in the narrative and how unsettling that is. Tynion confirmed, "This isn't a school anymore. This has to be a society".

Matt Gagnon revealed at NYCC that James Tynion IV's The Woods will go to a full 36 issues as originally pitched.

It's a real opportunity to tell such a long story with "massive scope", Gagnon said and was excited as a reader to see it.


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