Those Nightwing Death Rumours

Bleeding Cool believes that DC Comics is not planning to kill off Nightwing, even though they may tease the possibility. We emphasised this a couple of times.

When I say "Bleeding Cool" of course, I mean me.

Not everyone believes me though. Grace Randolph didn't seem to. And now new Bleeding Cool writer Tommy Zimmer drops this bombshell.

As "Forever Evil #3" came out this week, I caught up with my comic shop owner yet again since he revealed to me an interesting call his co-worker had received.

It was a call that Comics City employee Todd in Canton, MI was not expecting when he received it.

The person did not give his name, Todd said, as he revealed this information to store manager Justin but did ask a particular interesting question about the future of a few DC characters.

"When does the issue where Nightwing and Superboy are killed come out?" Justin said.

Justin thought I had heard as this reporter is usually up on most of his news.

Yet, it was news to me, and certainly news to the customers today when I started to speak to Justin in more detail as I asked him to recount the event to me.

This will certainly be an interesting DC Universe if this comes to happen…..

But, wait isn't Superboy already going to get killed in an up and coming issue of "Superboy" or "Teen Titans"?

And hasn't Dan DiDio, reportedly, wanted to kill off Nightwing for a while?

However, as Bleeding Cool also reported, the Comic Book Men told their podcast that James Tynion had told them he was taking over the Nightwing comic.

Though I cannot lie, at one point recently I was told by a good source that the Nightwing comic was to be cancelled. Maybe they changed their mind.

We always enjoy comic store gossip, but if I had to go with my gut it would be that a newly revealed Nightwing would survive. Of course, with his secret identity now a known thing after Forever Evil – maybe he'll have to fake his own death?

Could that be where the rumours are coming from? Is there a Nightwing fake-out coming?

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