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Interior preview page from Nightwing #88
Five  nominations went to Nightwing, up for Best Continuing Series, Best Single Issue, Best Lettering (West Abbott), and both Best Penciller/Inker and Cover Artist for Bruno Redondo. Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons garnered 4 nominations: Best Single Issue, Best Writer (Kelly Sue DeConnick), Best Penciller/Inker (Phil Jimenez), and Best Lettering (Clayton Cowles)[...]
Cover image for Nightwing #92
In a flashback in this preview of Nightwing #92, Robin refuses to follow Batman's orders… and so does Batgirl That's not how to be good child soldiers, people! Check out the preview below. NIGHTWING #92 DC Comics 0322DC137 0322DC138 – Nightwing #92 Jamal Campbell Cover – $4.99 0322DC139 – Nightwing #92 Jen Bartel Cover – $4.99 0322DC801 – Nightwing #92 David[...]
Nightwing #91 Review: The Power of Friendship
Possibly more than Squirrel Girl or the denizens of Equestria,  Nightwing #91 shows that Dick Grayson's most effective weapon might be the power of friendship By leaning into the relationships he's built over the years, he showcases not only his own prowess but the effectiveness of force multiplication. Nightwing #91 Cover Credit: DC The titular hero has[...]
DC Comics
In today's Nightwing #91, Wally West – The Flash – takes the defence of Nightwing very personally indeed They go back a long time to the day of the Teen Titans after all. Nightwing #91 Of course, in today's Flash #781, it seems it's perfectly fine for Wally West to take shots at Nightwing. Flash #781 Or course, Wally[...]
DC Comics Previews
Dark Crisis #2 in July by Joshua Williamson and Daniel Sampere promises Deathstroke Vs Nightwing, the ultimate Teen Titans grudge match returning And the stage seems to be set, as well as the return of the Cyborg Superman. A Look Inside Nightwing Vs Deathstroke in Dark Crisis #2 (Spoilers) A Look Inside Nightwing Vs Deathstroke in Dark[...]
Cover image for Nightwing #91
Nightwing and The Flash get some revenge on KGBeast for that whole "Ric" storyline in this preview of Nightwing #91 Look, none of us enjoyed that, but it's time to let it go, Ric– we mean, Dick Oh, damn it! Okay, take him out! Check out the preview below. NIGHTWING #91 DC Comics 0222DC105 0222DC106 – Nightwing #91 Jamal[...]
Nightwing #89 Review: Solid
By framing the story in relatable, genuine character moments, Nightwing #89 does a rock-solid job of creating room for a friendship between Dick Grayson (Nightwing, ICYMI) and Jonathan Kent (son of Kal-El), scions of the "World's Finest" heroes Unfortunately, this issue does such a great job setting the table that it doesn't serve enough food[...]
harley quinn
No, we're talking about Deadline Hollywood reporting exclusively that Harvey Guillén (What We Do In The Shadows) has joined the voice cast in the role of Nightwing, the hero name ex-Robin Dick Grayson goes by after parting ways with Batman. Image: FX Networks/DC Comics At SXSW, Schumacker also announced during the "Not Kidding Around: Warner Bros[...]
Gail Simone’s “Fridging” Becomes Official DC Comics Terminology
And whose middle name is now Gail, both on TV and in the comics, in honour of Gail Simone and the contribution she made to the character as a writer. Being used in both a literal and figurative fashion… Nightwing #90 by Tom Taylor and Geraldo Borges is published on Tuesday next week, though some comic[...]
Cover image for Nightwing #90
We didn't need to say our trademark line for this preview of Nightwing #90, because Blockbuster said it for us! Will it actually happen? Now that's another story Definitely not DC is already killing off the Justice League next month They need all the second-stringers they can get! Check out the preview below. NIGHTWING #90 DC Comics 0122DC153 0122DC154[...]
DC Comics Makes David Talaski's Nightwing Available To All
Happened with Seinfeld and now has happened with Nightwing. Due to retailer and fan demand, the Nightwing #92 variant cover by David Talaski, originally solicited as a 1:25 incentive cover, will now be open to order So retailers won't have to order 25 copies or a less-in-demand cover to just get one While a version without[...]
DC Comics
With enhanced strength, speed and ability to take chances, he rebelled with the rest of the team and became a new Teen Titans, defending their adopted home and choosing the superhero name Risk. During the events of Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime ripped off his right arm, with fellow Titan Argent saving his life.   It was made a point[...]
Dick Grayson reveals the secret Batman keeps in his utility belt in this preview of Nightwing #89… and hands it over to a child?! Oh, don't be a sucker It's just a lollipop! Plus: Batman gives Superman advice on child endagerment! Check out the preview below. NIGHTWING #89 DC Comics 1221DC104 1221DC105 – NIGHTWING #89 CVR B JAMAL CAMPBELL[...]
Nightwing #88 Review: Flawless, Efficient
Nightwing #88 proves just the contrary, knowing that even if it sang out of tune, no one would stand up and walk out on it. Nightwing #88 Cover Credit: DC Comics Dick Grayson has more than a billion dollars, and he intends to use it to improve the city of Bludhaven He's not doing that by fielding[...]