Jim Lee's DC Comics Sketches for BINC

DC Comics Donates $250,000 to Support Comic Book Shops In Need

We saw his Nightwing earlier, here's his Bizarro and Azrael Each auction will be live on eBay for three days, on this seller page.[caption id="attachment_1189445" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Jim Lee's DC Comics Sketches for BINC[/caption]Jim Lee tells us "All proceeds from this sale will benefit a fund which will help struggling brick and mortar comic book shops[...]

Jim Lee at the premiere of "The Kitchen" at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Picture: Paul Smith/Featureflash, August 06, 2019

Jim Lee Auctions Sketches Every Day To Raise Money for Comic Shops

Basically, Jim Lee is doing what he does best.[caption id="attachment_1169314" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Jim Lee photo by Paul Smith/Featureflash.[/caption]So today, Jim Lee began with a certain Dick Grayson saying "Nightwing! Here’s a chance to get some original art and do something good during these unprecedented times I’ll be drawing and posting 60 different sketches—one a day[...]

Ric is Dick, Batman Has Knightmares, Batgirl Relives Trauma, and Two-Face May Die in DC's Joker War Solicits for June

Ric Grayson Finally Gets His Dick Back in Nightwing #73

So what's going on? Well, let's start with the most important development: Nightwing is, without qualification, Dick Grayson again We've known Nightwing's Dick is coming, and fans who have found the current status quo hard to swallow have desperately wanted to get their hands on that Dick for many months And now they finally will.We[...]

Insanely, Nightwing #70 Hits $50 on eBay – Are We Going to Do This Again?

But we also pointed out that Nightwing #90 was also getting a second printing ahead of going on sale this coming Wednesday, and that this was rare for DC Comics -  and that Batman#89 and Hell Arisen #3 were rare recent examples Those two comics were fuelled by the first appearances of new character Punchline,[...]

Can Ric Grayson Find His Dick in Nightwing #70?

Can Ric Grayson Find His Dick in Nightwing #70? [Preview]

Fans of popular DC Comics character Nightwing have been champing at the bit to get their hands on some Dick Specifically, they want a comic where Nightwing goes by Dick Grayson again, not Ric Grayson, as he has been called since being shot in the head in a Batman comic We know it's coming And[...]

Nightwing Gets to the Bottom of a Major Mystery in Nightwing #70 [Improbable Previews]

Nightwing Seeks Answers on Didio's Departure in Nightwing #70 [Improbable Previews]

We can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, of course.In this issue of Improbable Previews, we take a look at upcoming events of Nightwing #70 as Dick Grayson learns the news of Dan Didio's departure from DC Comics How does he react? Read on! Nightwing #70, by Dan Jurgens and Ryan Benjamin, hits stores in March. NIGHTWING #70 JAN200568 (W) Dan Jurgens[...]

Preview of Nightwing Vs The Joker in Nightwing #70

Bleeding Cool looked at the Joker-iffic conclusion to this week's Nightwing #69 And now we get a look at Nightwing #70, leading into The Joker War, up for FOC this weekend. How will Ric interact with The Joker when he's not quite sure which one of his two memories is the real one, and exactly how[...]

The Joker Takes His Crowbar to Dick Grayson One More Time

The Joker Takes His Crowbar to Dick Grayson One More Time (Nightwing #69 Spoilers)

In today's Nightwing, however, The Joker has moved on......and a different Robin is in his sights.Same crowbar? While in Batman #89, out today...Well, he knows everyone's names at least And doesn't get tied down in the Dick or Ric debate either The Joker War is going to get very personal indeed. NIGHTWING #69 (W) Dan Jurgens (A)[...]

Let's Take a Look at The McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Hellbat Figure

Let's Take a Look at The McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Hellbat Figure

This will include the Armored Superman, The Batman Who Laughs, Batgirl, Nightwing, Arrow, and the figure we are here to take a look at today, the Hellbat suit Based on an appearance in Batman and Robin #34, this Batsuit is one of the more distinct that have appeared in quite some time It is also[...]

Nightwing - No Longer Ric Grayson

Nightwing #66 Spoilers – Ric Grayson No More

In the Batman comic books, Dick Grayson, the original Robin and also the original Nightwing, suffered a major brain injury You may remember a certain rooftop scene with Batman, the Commissioner and Nightwing And across the way, the KGBeast, operating under the command of Bane.BANG And for Dick Grayson, Robin, Nightwing, everything changed.He survived[...]

DC Bait Readers By Having Catwoman Cheat On Batman With Nightwing in February

DC Bait Readers By Having Catwoman Cheat On Batman With Nightwing in February

DC Comics is celebrating Valentine's Day this year in the most outrageous way possible: by having Catwoman cheat on Batman with Nightwing in a comic book special hosted by a character with such a racist history it forced DC Comics to cancel their Detective Comics Before Batman collection That's right, for just $9.99 this February,[...]


The Moment Nightwing Lost His Dick in Nightwing Annual #2 (Spoilers)

And for Dick Grayson, Robin, Nightwing, everything changed.And today we get to see that scene again, shown to an amnesiac Dick Grayson which was, apparently, being filmed at the time With appropriate and well-timed close up Maybe Batman has a body cam, that's my only explanation Because there are a lot of explanations needed.He does[...]

DC Essentials Gets Four New Figures Who Are Ready to Save the Day

DC Essentials Gets Four New Figures Who Are Ready to Save the Day

Lastly, we will be getting Dick Grayson as Nightwing This time his iconic blue emblem is red and it suits this figure well All four of these characters spend over a vast variety of DC comics stories Any DC fan should look into the DC essentials figure line and build their collection.Speed Force Flash, Black[...]

How Batman Failed Alfred Pennyworth

Did Justice League #34 Just Spoil the Next Month-and-a-Half of DC Comics (Spoilers)

Consider that Year Of The Villain branding was the excuse that DC Comics gave to pulp an issue of Superman and Supergirl (and then reprinted with different ethnicity-based colouring of certain characters), it then seems peculiar for Batman #81 to have one of the bigger tie-ins to Year of The Villain with a multi-page sequence[...]


"Titans" Season 2: Check Out Teagan Croft's Behind-the-Scenes Raven Transformation [VIDEO]

DC Universe dropped teases and casting announcements (…and casting announcements… and casting announcements…) for the second season of Titans for several months, and that built-up anticipation finally paid off on September 6 with the release of season opener "Trigon." Now with three episodes down (and "Aqualad" set to drop this Friday) and one helluva' Raven-related […]