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Nightwing to Be Top and Bottom in New Vertical Connecting Variants
Dick Grayson will be featured in two new connecting variant covers for DC Comics' Nightwing #87, hitting stores in December We already know that Nightwing #87 will be unique in that its pages will consist of one continuous horizontal image broken up across splash pages throughout the book But if that wasn't enough, DC has[...]
Batman #117 Lied About The Anti-Oracle And The Seer (Spoilers)
Batman #117 solicitation promised "Seer, the "Anti-Oracle," is revealed here! And who they are will make you question everything you see moving forward in Gotham…" while Nightwing #86 solicitation stated "Now aboard the Magistrate's Skybase-01, they have made it their mission to bring the airborne leviathan down, prevent Seer's disinformation from being broadcast, and save[...]
Can another Batgirl and two Robins save them? Find out when Nightwing #86 hits stores on Tuesday from DC Comics and make do with the preview below for now. NIGHTWING #86 DC Comics 0921DC028 0921DC029 – NIGHTWING #86 CVR B JAMAL CAMPBELL CARD STOCK VAR (FEAR STATE) – $4.99 (W) Tom Taylor (A) Robbi Rodriguez (CA) Bruno Redondo Nightwing and Babs[...]
A Better Look At Seer, The Anti-Oracle in Today's Batman Comics
In last month's Nightwing #85, Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and Oracle took a peek behind the curtain to see just where Seer, The Anti-Oracle was broadcasting from Seer was pumping out both anti-Batman and anti-Magistrate propaganda to stoke fear, rebellion, and riot, whoever she was. Nightwing #85 And while they didn't reveal who she was, they did[...]
Not having to deal with waiting around for renewal news, Brenton Thwaites (Nightwing aka Dick Grayson) spoke with EW about his hopes for the fourth season (which he readily admits he knows nothing about: "Not a single idea, mate") Here's a look at the highlights (and consider this a SPOILER warning): Image: HBO Max Bringing More Characters[...]
In this preview of Nightwing #85, Nightwing and Batgirl are having computer problems To be more specific, a rogue AI has taken over Oracle's entire network and they need to stop it And there's only way they can pull it off: by breaking everything Check out the preview below. NIGHTWING #85 DC Comics 0821DC018 0821DC019 – NIGHTWING #85 CVR[...]
When Brian Stelfreeze recreated the Nightwing design for DC Comics over twenty-five years ago, he added "finger stripes" A design with blue lines going down the arm and extending into the second and third finger He wore them for over a decade until a redesign And people really wanted them back Brett Booth has a[...]
And so it's time for ol' Dick to pack up and head to Gotham for a three-issue Fear State tie-in, starting with this week's Nightwing #84 Oh, and we hear someone is getting a new costume in this issue as well Check out a preview below. NIGHTWING #84 DC Comics 0721DC019 0721DC020 – NIGHTWING #84 CVR B JAMAL CAMPBELL[...]
Barbara Gordon Gets New Batgirl Costume In This Week's Nightwing #84
And with Barbara Gordon returning to her Oracle role, in Batman, Nightwing, and Batman: Urban Legends series, tracking, advising, and guiding the Batpeople of Gotham City, some folk have been miffed that Barbara Gordon won't be out on the streets herself as Batgirl Well, that looks to change this Tuesday Bleeding Cool gets the word[...]
Nightwing #87 Will Be A 22-Page Splash
And Nightwing #87 for December looks to be just that – a 22 page-wide splash page, split up across those 22 pages, with one continual image And Polygon has the first seven pages, unlettered, in black-and-white That really is something The current Nightwing run has had a little tweaking from some, including Bleeding Cool, for[...]
Nightwing #83 Review: Hits Every Mark
When he died, every cent of that money … went to the title character, legal name Richard Grayson and in Nightwing #83, the first scion of the Bat has an idea for an all-new, all different war than ever before. Nightwing #83 Cover Credit: DC Comics This script from Tom Taylor hits every mark — dealing with[...]
Nightwing #83 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, and this preview of the issue asks the question: if you can't trust family, who can you trust? Well, it helps if you've been so well-trained by the psychopath Batman that you can monitor a person's breathing and pupil dilation while they're talking to you[...]
Defacer Was Put In Suicide Squad For Drawing A D*** On Dick Grayson
But not, it seems, if you are the ex-girlfriend of Dick Grayson, Nightwing In the Nightwing series a couple of years ago, writer Tim Seeley gave Dick a girlfriend, the graffiti artist and activist known as Defacer. Shawn Tsang, who knew Nightwing and Dick were the same, and who chose not to broadcast that via her[...]
And [Kartheiser] handles both very well." On the Role Savannah Welch's Barbara Gordon Will Play in Nightwing's Life: "In our story with Dick returning to Gotham – and Gotham is a huge character this season – it's about sons and daughters, [and] stepping into the shadow of your parents," said Walker "Barbara is going to be conflicted[...]
First up, we have mini-teasers getting viewers up to speed on how things stand with Brenton Thwaites' Dick Grayson aka Nightwing and Anna Diop's Kory Anders aka Starfire. Image: HBO Max From Dick's evolution from Robin to Nightwing to Kory learning more about her royal past, here's a look at HBO Max's Titans, returning for Season 3[...]