Titan, Lion Forge, And Fantagraphics Join Hoopla Digital Comics For Libraries

Ahead of San Diego Comic Con, hoopla digital has announced deals with three comic book publishers to bring their digital offerings to patrons of over 950 public library systems in North America. Titan Comics, Lion Forge, and Fantagraphics have all signed on, joining DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Archie, and others in hoopla's library of more than 10,000 titles available for free to library patrons.

Titan, Lion Forge, And Fantagraphics Join Hoopla Digital Comics For Libraries
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"As comic book fans ourselves, we are working diligently to build our inventory of comic books and graphic novels. With these agreements, we're excited to bring thousands of Fantagraphics, Lion Forge, and Titan titles to our library customers and their patrons to enjoy anytime, anywhere on our service," said hoopla founder Jeff Jankowski in a press release. "hoopla's Action View experience was built especially for titles like Doctor Who, Ghost World and Voltron, so fans can truly appreciate the artistry of these great comics."

Action View is described by hoopla as "a one-of-a-kind immersive digital reading experience that allows for full page and panel-by-panel views of comics and illustrations," which is true, unless you count every other digital comics platform's one-of-a-kind immersive digital reading experiences that allow for full page and panel-by-panel views of comics and illustrations. But this is a press release, after all, so we can forgive a little hyperbole, especially for a platform offering free comics – our favorite kind.

To seal the deal, as is custom, executives from all parties participated in the sacred ritual of exchanging complimentary statements about each other in press releases.

"Titan Comics is delighted to be expanding its digital reach with hoopla, and is looking forward to introducing many more readers to its catalog of licensed, creator owned and classic titles," said Chris Teather, publishing director of Titan Comics.

"As an avid library patron, I'm excited for Fantagraphics to be available at the fingertips of virtually anyone with a library card," said Eric Reynolds, associate publisher of Fantagraphics.

"Libraries are one of the first places that people fall in love with comics. I know that has been the case for our staff," said Geoff Gerber, president of Lion Forge. "hoopla extends the library into our modern world, bringing the catalog wherever we are with our mobile device. It offers a fantastic user experience for finding and reading comics. Lion Forge is committed to making 'Comics for Everyone,' and hoopla is a great partner for that."

With that out of the way, the blood oaths have been completed and the deal is done.

If you're at San Diego Comic Con this week, you can stop by hoopla's booth (#1819) for an Action View demo and to find out more.

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