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Keeping Two
I mentioned my anticipation of the upcoming graphic novel, Keeping Two by Jordan Crane from Fantagraphics, twenty years in the making, and including previous versions of the comic book Crane created the comics anthology NON, and the all-ages graphic novel The Clouds Above In Keeping Two, Crane uses comics to thread several timelines and the[...]
Jim Rugg Parodies Maus For Ed Piskor's Red Room
Ed Piskor's Red Room has been a massive smash hit for Fantagraphics A meta-narrative of a horror comic set on the dark web, it began as a serialised Patreon publication before being picked up for print Say that without spitting over everyone And during the series, Ed has gotten his Cartoonist Kayfabe collaborator Jim Rugg[...]
Sam Kieth's I Before E #1 (Fantagraphics Books, 1991).
By the time that I Before E #1 was released in 1991, Sam Kieth had only had one Marvel gig involving the Hulk — Incredible Hulk #368.  And while that issue captured the imagination of the mainstream comics audience and quickly led to more Marvel work (including a Hulk cover for Wizard shortly after this),[...]
Eightball #11 featuring the start of Ghost World (Fantagraphics Books, 1993)
Daniel Clowes got his start in comics contributing to Cracked magazine in 1985 and shortly after Fantagraphics published his Lloyd Llewellyn series.  Since then he's become an Oscar-nominated screenwriter and has received Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz awards for comics and the PEN Award for literature.  His most famous and acclaimed work has appeared in the[...]
Ed Piskor's smash hit from Fantagraphics over the last year, Red Room, returns in December as Red Room: Trigger Warnings #1, the first of four issues running into 2022 Here is the visual-less solicitation, as well as everything else new lined up by Fantagraphics for their December 2021 solicits and solicitations. RED ROOM TRIGGER WARNINGS #1 FANTAGRAPHICS[...]
Bid For Set of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Cards On Auction Today
This nine-panel grid, rendered in clean inks, takes readers of this indie classic through quite a range of emotions. Jaime Hernandez Love and Rockets #44 Story Page 10 Maggie and Penny Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1994) Credit: Heritage Auctions Jaime Hernandez Love and Rockets #44 Story Page 10 Maggie and Penny Original Art (Fantagraphics, 1994). Ruby is about to[...]
Fantagraphics Announces Print Publication Of CRISIS ZONE
On August 4th, American publisher Fantagraphics announced they would publish a physical collection of CRISIS ZONE, a webcomic by Simon Hanselmann. Crisis Zone cover courtesy of Fantagraphics Fantagraphics will publish the Eisner-winning work in what the publisher describes as an unabridged and uncensored format, with over 500 additional panels and creator commentary Most intriguing to me is[...]
Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library Set At Auction Today
Creator Chris Ware had worked on RAW Magazine, created strips for alternative newspapers and self-published a number of mini-comics, but it was the bold, brash insanity of the over-sized Acme Novelty Library #1 from Fantagraphics Books in 1994 that announced a superstar of indie comics and set him on the path to win the kind[...]
LATE: Captain America, Mighty Valkyries and Red Room
Jane and R na fight to save the gods and restore the mortal world! Don't miss the conclusion to Jason Aaron, Torunn Gr nbekk and Mattia de Iulis' realm-shaking epic! Rated T+In Shops: Sep 15, 2021 SRP: $3.99 RED ROOM #2 FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS APR211664 (W) Ed Piskor (A) Ed Piskor Grooming victims to be slaughtered on the DARK WEB for[...]
Ed Piskor's Red Room Is Fantagraphics' Best-Selling Comic In Decades
Ed Piskor of Hip-Hop Family Tree graphic novels and Marvel's X-Men: Grand Design, and the Cartoonist KayFaybe channel on YouTube is releasing Red Room, a new comic book from Fantagraphics Books described as "an ambitious, new sci-fi horror comic" that "represents a significant milestone for the cartoonist: the creation of his first creator-owned, shared universe[...]
Check out the preview below. BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH MONSTERS SGND HC (MR) FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS DEC201452 (W) Barry Windsor-Smith (A / CA) Barry Windsor-Smith A special signed volume of Barry Windsor-Smith's MONSTERS will be available in February 2021 Limited to 1200 copies, the author's signature appears on a beautifully designed and printed vellum tip-in sheet that is bound into this edition with[...]
Don Simpson and Gary Groth On Alan Moore's No-Credit For In Pictopia
On the 27th of February, Bleeding Cool posted an article referencing a then-current meme, Publish An Alan Moore Comic Without Saying It's An Alan Moore Comic. It referred to Fantagraphics republishing In Pictopia! as In Pictopia, the 13-page story by Alan Moore and Don Simpson, originally published by Fantagraphics in Anything Goes in 1986 This was[...]
Jim Rugg's Eightball Cover For Ed Piskor's Red Room, Coming To FCBD
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool scooped the news on the full Free Comic Book Day titles for the 14th of August, 2021, including Ed Piskor's new horror comic book series Red Room from Fantagraphics, which will launch for FCBD The Red Room Free Comic Book Day issue will feature 100% original content, exclusive to FCBD, and[...]
Publish An Alan Moore Comic Without Saying It's An Alan Moore Comic
It originally appeared in Anything Goes! #2 in 1986, a comic published by Fantagraphics to raise money to help pay the costs of The Comics Journal from a libel lawsuit brought on by Michael Fleisher. It is a true gem A story about a comic book character living in a city full of other comic book[...]
William Van Horn Donald Duck
At the age of 81, he doesn't draw comics a lot now but his son Noel Van Horn is now also a Disney comics artist, focusing on Mickey Mouse stories. Fantagraphics To Collect William Van Horn's Donald Duck Comics And now Fantagraphics is going to collect William Van Horn's work Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge: Pie in the[...]