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Ed Piskor's Red Room Is Fantagraphics' Best-Selling Comic In Decades
Ed Piskor of Hip-Hop Family Tree graphic novels and Marvel's X-Men: Grand Design, and the Cartoonist KayFaybe channel on YouTube is releasing Red Room, a new comic book from Fantagraphics Books described as "an ambitious, new sci-fi horror comic" that "represents a significant milestone for the cartoonist: the creation of his first creator-owned, shared universe[...]
Check out the preview below. BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH MONSTERS SGND HC (MR) FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS DEC201452 (W) Barry Windsor-Smith (A / CA) Barry Windsor-Smith A special signed volume of Barry Windsor-Smith's MONSTERS will be available in February 2021 Limited to 1200 copies, the author's signature appears on a beautifully designed and printed vellum tip-in sheet that is bound into this edition with[...]
Don Simpson and Gary Groth On Alan Moore's No-Credit For In Pictopia
On the 27th of February, Bleeding Cool posted an article referencing a then-current meme, Publish An Alan Moore Comic Without Saying It's An Alan Moore Comic. It referred to Fantagraphics republishing In Pictopia! as In Pictopia, the 13-page story by Alan Moore and Don Simpson, originally published by Fantagraphics in Anything Goes in 1986 This was[...]
Jim Rugg's Eightball Cover For Ed Piskor's Red Room, Coming To FCBD
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool scooped the news on the full Free Comic Book Day titles for the 14th of August, 2021, including Ed Piskor's new horror comic book series Red Room from Fantagraphics, which will launch for FCBD The Red Room Free Comic Book Day issue will feature 100% original content, exclusive to FCBD, and[...]
Publish An Alan Moore Comic Without Saying It's An Alan Moore Comic
It originally appeared in Anything Goes! #2 in 1986, a comic published by Fantagraphics to raise money to help pay the costs of The Comics Journal from a libel lawsuit brought on by Michael Fleisher. It is a true gem A story about a comic book character living in a city full of other comic book[...]
William Van Horn Donald Duck
At the age of 81, he doesn't draw comics a lot now but his son Noel Van Horn is now also a Disney comics artist, focusing on Mickey Mouse stories. Fantagraphics To Collect William Van Horn's Donald Duck Comics And now Fantagraphics is going to collect William Van Horn's work Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge: Pie in the[...]
Mickey Mouse Zombie Coffee
Originally published in 2016 as Café Zombo, it is now being translated into English and published in Mickey Mouse's home country for the first time in August 2021 from Fantagraphics Books. Mickey Mouse Gets His Zombie Coffee Published in English in 2021 Mickey Mouse: Zombie Coffee sees Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go[...]
4 Thoughts About Bezimena from Fantagraphics
Published through Fantagraphics in 2019, the black and white story received some amount of critical acclaim, including a positive NPR review. A page from Bezimena, via Taddle Creek Magazine A wholly adult-only OGN that most closely resembles a David Lynch movie, Bezimena focuses its attention on the story of a sexual predator Bunjevac formats the story in[...]
Fantagraphics Finally Publishes Barry Windsor-Smith's Monsters OGN
What was originally a 22-page story was now over 270 pages Fantagraphics published his similarly-withdrawn X-Men story, Lifedeath III as the Storyteller spinoff, Adastra In Africa It was hoped something similar could be achieved with Monster And that's just what happened Barry Windsor-Smith's Monsters is now scheduled for January 19th, 2021 and is 380 pages long. Monsters,[...]
Humanoids' Mark Waid couldn't make it but Fantagraphics' Gary Groth, Boom Studios' Ross Richie, Dark Horse's Mike Richardson and IDW's Dirk Wood did The stream just wrapped. Along the way, Steve Geppi talked about the importance of communication from retailers, publishers and distributors, recommending that everyone needed to stay in their lane, publisher, retailers, distributors, that[...]
I Am Not Okay With This: The End of the F***king World's Jonathan Entwistle Adapting Coming-of-Age Comic for Netflix
Channel 4 and Netflix's The End of the F***king World creator Jonathan Entwistle is taking on another  Charles Forsman microcomic series in I Am Not Okay With This. Co-created by series director Entwistle and series writer Christy Hall, the streaming service's eight-episode coming-of-age TV series is produced by Stranger Things director-executive producer Shawn Levy via 21 Laps. I Am[...]
Learn What it is to Live Without a Voice from Georgia Webber: Fantagraphics June 2018 Solicits
Fantagraphics has another stable of graphic novels and collected editions coming your way this June Another installment of Disney Masters and Prison Pit are being released. Take a look back at Fab 4 Mania with Carol Tyler. Learn what it's like Living Without a Voice with Georgia Webber. More details below. APR181550 POOCHYTOWN HC WOODRING (C: 0-1-2) (W/A/CA) Jim Woodring Beginning with Congress of the Animals and again in Fran,[...]
fantagraphics solicits may 2018
This, the next collaboration between Lorenzo Mattotti and Jerry Kramski in Garlandia, and more is being released by Fantagraphics this May Details below. MAR181635 DISNEY MASTERS HC VOL 01 SCARPA MICKEY MOUSE DELTA DIMENSION (W/A/CA) Romano Scarpa When Floyd Gottfredson stopped creating new Mickey Mouse adventures in 1955, Romano Scarpa pick quickly proved himself a worthy successor, spinning out new Mickey action epics, most of which[...]
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Manuele Fior and Andre Franquin are publishing comic collections through Fantagraphics this April Plus, Carl Barks is putting out a collection of Donald Duck cartoons More details below. Also, apologies for the lack of images The covers haven't come in yet. FEB181544 BLACKBIRD DAYS HC (MR) (C: 0-1-2) (W/A/CA) Manuele Fior Eisner Award-nominated cartoonist Manuele Fior's Blackbird Days is a collection of ten[...]