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Hunter Gorinson Quits Boom To Be Oni Press' New President & Publisher
Just earlier this week, we were asking: What's next for Oni Press? Well, in a major shake-up for the industry (and Bleeding Cool Power List if I ever do another one), Oni Press/Lion Forge has just named comics publishing veteran Hunter Gorinson to the role of President & Publisher, putting the former Boom!, Valiant and Bad[...]
Lion Forge and Oni Press to Merge, Set Up in Portland
There was a smile in his voice, but he was serious that this is what was being said by numerous people over the gin and popcorn. Oni Press/Lion Forge had been hitting the headlines (not just Bleeding Cool's) recently, with former owners James Lucas Jones and Charlie Chu pushed out by parent company Polarity, others departing voluntarily, and their newly reprinted Gender[...]
Oni Press Issue Statement About Firings Not Written By Anyone At Oni
Last night, while I slept, Oni Press, the comic book publisher of 25 years standing, that was merged with Lion Forge under the umbrella of the new Polarity company a few years ago, issued the following statement; With wildly sensationalistic rumors circulating and false information spreading, we'd like to reiterate that recent personnel changes at Oni-Lion[...]
Oni Press/Lion Forge Drops Out Of San Doego Comic-Con Showfloor
The proximity to Scholastic Press has made it more valuable pop-culture real estate in the last few years, as Scholastic have become the best-selling comic book publisher in the USA, but Bleeding Cool understands that the spot has been taken by the Japanese toy company Good Smile Company, who already have another booth a few[...]
Lion Forge and Oni Press to Merge, Set Up in Portland
Oni Press/Lion Forge has been hitting the headlines recently, with former owners James Lucas Jones and Charlie Chu pushed out by parent company Polarity, others departing voluntarily, and their newly reprinted Gender Queer: A Memoir graphic novel landing them, and its writer/artist Maia Kobabe, with obscenity criminal lawsuits in the state of Virginia[...]
Layoffs Hit Lion Forge, Oni Press After Merger Announcement
Two weeks ago, Publisher's Weekly ran a profile piece on Oni Press, looking at the recently formed Oni–Lion Forge Publishing Group Looking at how it had survived through lockdown, including its subsidiaries Comics Beat, Oni Press, Lion Forge, Magnetic, Limerence Press, all under the Polarity umbrella With a staff of thirty looking to expand, with[...]
Job Changes at Oni-Lion Forge and Archie Comics
Yesterday, the Oni-Lion Forge Publishing Group announces the hiring of Alex Segura as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, formerly Archie Comics Co-President and before that DC Comics Executive Director of Publicity Segura will oversee Oni-Lion Forge's publicity, marketing, and sales efforts across various channels in addition to bringing over fifteen years of editorial,[...]
Rick & Morty Presents Jaguar in Oni/Lion Forge November 2020 Solicits
Lion Forge and Oni Press have their combined November 2020 solicitations… withe original graphic novels aplenty – but also Rick And Morty comics, including the famed assassin Jaguar getting the lead… RICK AND MORTY PRESENTS JAGUAR #1 CVR A ELLERBY ONI PRESS INC. Rick & Morty Presents Jaguar in Oni/Lion Forge November 2020 Solicits SEP201356 (W) Marc Ellerby (A/CA) Marc[...]
Lion Forge Drops The Beat
Back in October 2017, it was announced that Lion Forge had acquired (whatever that means) comic industry veteran Heidi MacDonald's comics news and reviews blog, Comics Beat or The Beat It was announced that Heidi would remain Editor-in-Chief, while Lion Forge owner David Steward II would become publisher, and the site would fall under the newly[...]
Forge Fund-Supporting Comics to Get New Logo in Diamond Previews
At the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con, Bleeding Cool reported the news that Lion Forge had announced plans to expand a vital safety net for the comic book direct market by establishing The Forge Fund in partnership with Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc). Lion Forge will donate $100,000 of seed money to establish[...]
Forge Fund
At the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con this morning, Lion Forge was not talking about new comic books They had something else to announce The Forge Fund.  They will be working with book industry charitable foundation BINC on a new programme to help comic book stores Whether that's getting grants, helping stores[...]
Former Oni Editor Says Severance Offer Was Tied to Non-Disparagement Agreement
Last week, Bleeding Cool reported on the merger between Oni Press and Lion Forge, under the auspices of Lion Forge parent company Polarity, and the layoffs that immediately followed said merger Several former Lion Forge and Oni employees spoke about their departure on social media, though details were relatively slim, seemingly due to contractual clauses[...]
Layoffs Hit Lion Forge, Oni Press After Merger Announcement
Lion Forge announced earlier today that they have merged with Oni Press, which has recently been acquired by Lion Forge parent company Polarity, a holding company launched last year by Lion Forge co-founder David Steward II Steward, who serves as CEO of Polarity, addressed potential layoffs in a New York Times interview with one brief[...]
Bezkamp:  Samuel Sattin and Jen Hickman Launch New YA Graphic Novel at Lion Forge
Lion Forge has announced a new original graphic novel to be published under the Young Adult imprint, Roar, from Glint writer Samuel Sattin and artist Jen Hickman Bezkamp is set for a release in October, and is announced in conjunction with WonderCon this weekend While this new series pledges to be enjoyable for readers young[...]
Lion Forge to Publish Time-Travel Road Trip Comic Backtrack
Lion Forge has announced another creator-owned series to launch in September from writer Brian Joines and artist Jake Elphick.  The series claims to combine Fast and Furious with Back to the Future and The Hunger Games What, no Game of Thrones? And oh, did we mention there's dinosaurs? The press release provides a description of[...]
Lion Forge to Print Ariel Slamet Ries's Witchy Webcomic this September
Lion Forge has announced plans to collect Witchy, the Ignatz-nominated ongoing webcomic by Ariel Slamet Ries, at C2E2 today The comic releases new episodes every Tuesday and Friday, but now you can read a version that trees died to produce and that you have to pay for, as comics were meant to be The press[...]
Gail Simone to Write Seven Days, Catalyst Prime's First Super-Mega-Crossover Event
Jack Kirby once said, "Kid, you haven't made it in comics until you've had your first super-mega-crossover event." Well, it looks like Catalyst Prime, the self-billed "most diverse universe of heroes" in comics has finally made it, because this July, the Lion Forge imprint will run it's first super-mega-crossover event, Seven Days Written by Gail[...]
More Details Emerge About Lion Forge Comics Layoffs
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on a large number of layoffs at Lion Forge Comics in St Louis, Missouri, as they undergo significant restructuring We were told twelve had gone, and named Senior Editor Greg Tumbarelloas one of them However, we also understand that departing staff have signed non-disclosure agreements as part of their package and so[...]
Lion Forge Announces New Middle-Grade Series Underfoot at NYCC
Lion Forge has announced a new graphic novel series for its cat-themed middle-grade readers imprint, Caracal Called Underfoot, the series is written by Ben Fisher and Emily S Whitten with art by Michelle Nguyen and is planned to last for three volumes, with the first hitting stores next April. In the press release, Fisher said: Emily and I[...]
Lion Forge, home of Catalyst Prime (now with added Gail Simone), has another title to launch in November: a certain Quincredible (which they trademarked earlier in the year). QUINCREDIBLE #1 SEP181865 (W) Rodney Barnes (A) Kelly Fitzpatrick, Selina Espiritu (CA) Michelle Wong Quinton, a high school sophomore, is looking to live his best life by moonlighting as a superhero[...]
Lion Forge Hires Andrew E.C. Gaska as Senior Development Editor
Continuing their hiring spree, Lion Forge has brought on Andrew E.C Gaska to the position of Senior Development Editor In the role, Gaska will help develop new IP for Lion Forge in both comics and animation Gaska will also work with Lion Forge's licensing department and Jill Gerber on developing educational graphic novel projects[...]
Gender Queer: A Memoir
Tomorrow at San Diego Comic-Con, Lion Forge is sponsoring the Diversity and Inclusivity panel, but they aren't waiting until tomorrow to announce that they'll be publishing cartoonist Maia Kobabe's Gender Queer: A Memoir next spring What's that all about, you ask? A press release is happy to answer the question: Maia Kobabe (who uses the pronouns[...]