Valiant, Reborn At Baltimore Comic Con

Nathan Becker went to the Valiant Entertainment panel at Baltimore Comic Con today.

At Valiant's panel today they talked all things Reborn, and what is coming up is going to be epic!

Bloodshot #18, the epilogue to Bloodshot Island has a cover I want to slab. For any Jaws fans out there,  this is a must have. #18 deals with continued fallout from the cliffhanger on who Deathmate is and how he or she may have ties with Bloodshot. Plus, having different era Bloodshots trapped on an island being hunted by Deathmate is a cool premise, and who can forget fan-favorite Bloodhound! The epilogue sets up Bloodshot U.S.A, where everyone in Manhattan is infected by nanites and Project Rising Spirit is trying to save the day, but, SPOILER ALERT, Project Rising Spirit also infected everyone. I'm guessing the League of Bloodshots, can we make this a thing Valiant? I will not take kindly to this.

Check out the never before seen art below!

image1 image5 image4 image3

Also at today's Valiant panel, a ton of beautiful looking comics were announced.  Seriously, the art is amazing. I have honestly never seen Valiant look better. Check out the new series and amazing art below.

image3 image2

Generation Zero is described as the Future of Valiant, deploying the heroes of Harbinger Wars  into their most dangerous mission: high school!  Issue 2 is out this month and writer Fred Van Lente described the series as a murder mystery, thriller, and crazy fest. They showed exclusive art from issue 3 which highlighted an Archie meets The Authority vibe. The villains in issue 3, the cornermen, can only materialize around right corners. There is a picture of the cornermen in the art below.

image2 image1Harbinger Renegades by Rafer Roberts is the second of new series discussed and it starts off 6 months after the kids went up against a supervillain, defeated him, and still lost. Faith is the only member of the team who kept herself together, some left the planet, and everyone else quit being superheroes. Faith is the driving force to bring the team back and face the consequences of their actions by taking on the villains created by the overthrow of Harada,  the first arc sees the Renegades take on The Future.


Brittania by Peter Milligan garnered a reaction for how beautiful the covers and art looked. Brittany's stars society's the first detective, called a detectionaire, in the legionnaire, and brand new character, Antonius. The series drops in September and has a True Detective/Game of Thrones feel. Unfortunately, the projector and lighting does not do the art justice. This book looks amazing and is going to be Valiant's dark, visceral book.


Savage, by B. Clay Moore is the next all new character by Valiant, and was described as like if David, Posh and a baby Savage Beckham crash landed on an island with dinosaurs, and those dinosaurs raised the baby. Lewis LaRosa, the artist, made the dinosaurs as accurate as possible and they really jump off the page. As a 15 year old Savage wanders this strange land, learn the mystery of what happened to his parents, and what Savage has to do to survive.

Be sure to go to your LCS and have these books put in your pull pile, the amount of wall-worthy art I saw today was definitely surprising and the storylines will highlight both the future of Valiant and some truly unique characters that add depth to their universe.



Valiant is releasing X-O Manowar #50 later this month, and the 64 page issue will culminate Robert Venditti's saga and includes backup stories by Fred Van Lente and others. The main cover has 50 artists' versions of X-O, which Valiant took the drawings and combined them all into one cover. The fanboy in me loved it when the panel told us that every shade of blue and yellow is different. No two versions of XO use the same colors!  How cool is that?  This cover took over a year to create, as Rafer Roberts completed his version prior to the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con. Trust me, this is one of the coolest covers I have ever seen. Hearing how it was made makes it even cooler.

Valiant also discussed XO #49, which has sold over 1 million issues of the series so far. Valiant actually picked up the 1 millionth issue from the printers, slabbed it with CGC and is parading it around the Baltimore Comic Con before it goes to Geppi's entertainment museum with other classic comics.

image3 image2

Valiant released some new art as they discussed Faith, their most successful title since their relaunch. Faith has sold out the first 5 printings!  Billed as a Peter Parker-like everyman's hero, who also plays D&D!, will also team up with Hilary Clinton in an issue hitting the stands in November.

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