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Comic Book Creators React To Winning Their 2023 Ringo Award
The 2023 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards or Ringo Awards were presented at Baltimore Comic-Con sponsored by Cards, Comics & Collectibles, as well as A Wave Blue World, Big Lick Comic-Con, Boom Studios, Comix Well Spring, Gem City Comic Con, Geppi Family Enterprises, Hake's Auctions, Hard Rock Cafe, Image Comics, Mad Cave Studios, Modern[...]
Dreamers & Make-Believers, A New Inclusive Comic Shop In Baltimore
Dreamers & Make-Believers Books is a new "Community Bookstore, Comic Book Shop & Coffeehouse" and opened by its owner Miranda Nordell at 400 South Highland Avenue, Highlandtown, opposite the Lutheran Church in Baltimore, Maryland last week They say "We are so excited to open an inclusive comic shop, coffeehouse & bookstore in Southeast Baltimore, focused[...]
Frank Miller Variant Covers For Ronin & Ancient Enemies
At the Baltimore Retailer Summit, former DC Publisher and current EIC of Frank Miller Presents, Dan DiDio talked about the need for a move away from variant covers and other gimmicks when selling comic books, both to retailers and to readers Indeed Anyway, apropos of nothing, here are two variant covers from the Baltimore Retailer[...]
Daily LITG – 28th September 2018 – Your Black Friend in Detroit, Michigan
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Batman Artist Norm Breyfogle Died on Monday, Aged 58 Batpenis Strikes Again – DC Comics Won't Reprint Batman: Damned #1 – and #2 is Late That New Sean Gordon Murphy Series is Actually Batman: Curse of the White Knight So About That Millennium Falcon Ride Coming to Disneyland The First[...]
The Nerds Came, Saw, and Conquered Baltimore's Power Plant Live: Photos
Last weekend I got to attend Transcendent Events' Nerdpocalypse at Baltimore's Power Plant Live I was invited to be a guest judge for the costume contest, but even if I hadn't been a guest judge, I knew this event was a must-see Kevin and Holly Hock put on these nerd events once a month, and each[...]
The Nerds of Color and Black Heroes Matter have come together to create an event for those affected by FanCon's sudden postponement: WICOMICON! This pop-up con will be held on April 28th at 1100 Wicomico Street in Baltimore According to the amazing group putting this show on: "This week, diverse pop culture fans from all over the[...]
Orioles Opening Day 2018
Orioles Opening Day is a big deal in Baltimore Fans from around the area usually take off from work to go downtown to enjoy the area's festivities Seriously, even if you don't have a ticket to the game, the entire Downtown Baltimore area is in the game day spirit From drink specials to free food,[...]
nerdpocalypse baltimore
If you're looking for something to do April 14th and are near the Baltimore area, why not check out Transcendent Events' Nerdpocalypse at Power Plant Live? Kevin Hock is putting on one of the biggest nerd parties ever, and he's going out of his way to make sure it's an inclusive, safe, and fun environment for[...]
Caramel Ice Cream
It's actually really gross. The Charmery in Hampden — a popular Baltimore neighborhood — is known for its unique and delightful ice cream flavors The shop offers fanciful twists on popular flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, and then offers unique flavors such as black sesame, cheese fries, apple ginger, and this one: Old Bay[...]
34th Street Baltimore
Every year in Baltimore, millions of people from all over gather together on a small — but mighty — street 34th Street, located in the popular Hampden neighborhood, has been dazzling tourists and locals alike since 1947 (the same year Miracle on 34th Street premiered in theaters), with intricate Christmas lights, dazzling decorations, and unique[...]
club charles
Charles Street in Baltimore — has always kind of been there It's been in business for well over 50 years (all in the same family, to boot) and other than a small closure earlier this year, it's been a go too place for hip, young locals Full disclosure: they do not sell food here But[...]
lost city diner
Charles Street in the Station North area of Baltimore, the diner fit right in alongside Club Charles and The Depot. But then it closed down unexpectedly It obviously re-opened, and since then the menu has gradually gotten smaller Gone are the days where they had a rather extensive sandwich menu (I miss you, tuna melt) and[...]
AMC Develops Black Lives Matter Book 'They Can't Kill Us All' For Series
Wesley Lowery's ground-breaking 2016 bestseller They Can't Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America's Racial Justice is coming to television AMC announced that the nonfiction book has been ordered to development as a potential dramatic series LaToya Morgan (Into the Badlands, Turn: Washington's Spies) will serve as series writer, and will[...]
Nerd Food: Dining In Character At Paper Moon Diner
Paper Moon Diner–located on 227 West 28th Street in Baltimore, MD–is a local favorite I've been going to this place for years, and the food had remained consistently great for years The real winner her however, is the decor Almost every inch of the place is covered in action figures and art, making the building[...]
Have You Voted In The Ringo Awards Yet?
The Ringo Awards, named to celebrate Mike Wieringo and replacing the Harvey Awards at Baltimore Comic Con, come in two phases, a nomination phase and a final voting phase. The nomination phase is open to fans, while the final ballot can only be voted on by comic pros For the nomination phase, a Jury representing a[...]
Place Your Bets For The First Bleeding Cool Pinball Challange At Star Wars Celebration
After weeks of friendly trash-talking between Bleeding Cool writers Jeremy "Big Ohio" Konrad and Lauren "Baltimore" Sisselman over various social media accounts (as well as behind the scenes), the editors told them to put their bantering to the test since they'll both be on assignment at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando from April 13th –[...]
universal fan con banner image
Universal Fan Con (@UniversalFanCon) passed their pledge goal of $25,000 a just after 22:00 est. Jude Terror previously told you about the convention, which they'll hold at the Baltimore Convention Centre, and has been setup with the goal (according to the Kickstarter) to be: First multi-fandom Con dedicated to inclusion, highlighting Women, LGBTQ, the Disabled and Persons[...]
Catch Up With 52 Stories From Baltimore Comic-Con For Bleeding Cool
But here are 52 stories we have, for now, spinning out of Baltimore Comic-Con and the Baltimore Retail Summit that preceded it… stripped and stranded by publisher A good way to catch up. Diamond Dennis Barger Challenges Diamond Over Shipping Damages At Baltimore Comic Con Diamond's Olive Branch Is Getting A Full Makeover Diamond Retail Summit Moves From Baltimore[...]
A Sneak Look At Stewart, Fletcher And Tarr's Motor Crush
As shown to retailers at Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit, from Cameron Stewart, Brandon Fletcher and Babs Tarr, a sneak look at Motor Crush, their new series from Image Comics, and sent out by Diamond Comic Distributors. See more from Baltimore, right here.   As shown to retailers at Baltimore Diamond Retailer Summit, from Cameron Stewart, Brandon Fletcher[...]
Kids Love Comics At Baltimore Comic Con
Nathan Becker writes I'm a dad of 3 kids under 6, so anytime I want to go to my LCS or a Con I'm worried about what my kids can do, or not, and what activities there are, or not! I was very excited to see that the Baltimore Comic Con has a big area[...]
Dennis Barger Challenges Diamond Over Shipping Damages At Baltimore Comic Con
Comics book retailer and Bleeding Cool's mascot at Baltimore Comic Con, Dennis Barger, makes the case to Diamond Comic Distributors representatives  that the same Diamond cardboard box of 20 years ago that held $50 worth of comics now holds $500 worth – and that there has to be a better way of distributing comics that[...]
Yanick Paquette Wonder Woman, Stolen Out Of A Car, At Baltimore Comic Con
This 11×17 original colour Wonder Woman sketch by Yanick Paquette was stolen out of Fred Bronaugh's car at Baltimore Comic Con. If someone tries to sell it to you, please let him – and us -know. This 11×17 original colour Wonder Woman sketch by Yanick Paquette was stolen out of Fred Bronaugh's car at Baltimore Comic Con. If someone[...]
Valiant, Reborn At Baltimore Comic Con
Nathan Becker went to the Valiant Entertainment panel at Baltimore Comic Con today. At Valiant's panel today they talked all things Reborn, and what is coming up is going to be epic! Bloodshot #18, the epilogue to Bloodshot Island has a cover I want to slab For any Jaws fans out there,  this is a must have[...]
When Someone Pulls The Fire Alarm At Baltimore Comic Con
This is what happens when everyone at Baltimore Comic Con has to evacuate the convention centre…. …courtesy of our friend Dennis Barger who also found himself on the outs for a second show in a row. Find more from Baltimore… Is there a rule that at every comic convention someone has to trigger the fire alarm?  It seems[...]
Grant Morrison's Klaus Returns In December, And Kong Of Skull Island Goes Ongoing
Nathan Becker writes, At the Boom! Studios panel at Baltimore Comic Con, two big reveals were announced! Grant Morrison will be reprising his Klaus series in December with Klaus and the Witch of Winter it's Santa Klaus in space!  More details to come in the future. Boom! also announced that Kong of Skull Island is such a big[...]