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More Comic Publishers Leaving Diamond Books For Simon & Schuster
Boom Studios, for example, uses Diamond Books for everywhere that is not the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland. The latest is Vault Comics, based in Missoula, Montana, which will see Simon & Schuster handle distribution worldwide beginning in two months, on the 1st of May, 2021 They do underline that direct market retailers will still[...]
Multiple Printings From Dark Horse, Boom, Image, Marvel, Scout, Vault
Plenty of comics getting second, third and even fifth printings, Phantom Starkiller from Scout Comics, Ha Ha from Image, Gwenom Vs Carnage and Amazing Spider-Man from Marvel, I Walk With Monsters from Vault and lots for Seven Secrets from Boom Covers where we have them… Phantom Starkiller #1 2nd printing PHANTOM STARKILLER #1 3RD PTG DEC208153 SCOUT COMICS (W) Peter[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
Written by Paul Cornell, drawn by Sally Cantirino, colored by Dearbhla Kelly, and lettered by AndWorld Design, this is another interesting concept from Vault Comics Let's see if it's worth a read. I Walk With Monsters #1 cover Credit: Vault Comics I Walk With Monsters may end up being a terrific series, and this debut issue would have functioned just fine[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
A Dark Interlude is marketed by Vault Comics as a kind-of-sequel to Fearscape In reading the first issue, it makes quite the metatextual commentary about sequels, essentially telling the reader, multiple times, that while this is a follow-up story, it's also something entirely new Let's see if that's true. A Dark Interlude #1 cover Credit: BOOM! Studios A[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
Written by Cavan Scott, drawn by Corin Howell, colored by Triona Farrel, and lettered by AndWorld Design, Shadow Service is a strong offering from Vault Comics that has the chops to be an ongoing series Let's dive into this fourth issue, which follows up on an insane cliffhanger in Shadow Service #3 that saw the lead character Gina willingly get possessed[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
Two issues in, The Autumnal may just be the best series that Vault Comics has ever published Written by Daniel Kraus, drawn by Chris Shehan, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by the best in the biz, Jim Campbell, this character-driven, purposefully paced horror comic has felt like vintage Stephen King by way of Ari Aster[...]
Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Credit: Vault Comics Shadow Service #3 isn't going to let readers down, but it does have a problem with structure and consistency The issue is front-loaded with exposition, which doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it falters a bit with Gina's reaction to what she's seeing There's really nothing revealed here that is more[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 Review:
Credit: Vault Comics Heavy #2 does a great job putting the reader in the lead's shoes Bill is tasked with being partners with Slim, the psychopathic, "covetous, gratingly pansexual Irish bastard" who paid to him Bill and his wife killed, and it starts about how you'd expect Bill loathes Slim for what he has done and[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 Review:
Vault Comics has a new #1 hitting the streets with Giga, a story about humanity after a world-changing war between robots known as "Giga." Let's get it. Giga #1 cover Credit: Vault Comics For those interested in mecha and futuristic sci-fi, Giga #1 will satisfy in every way For those hoping to read an interesting and well-rounded story, Alex[...]
Shadow Service #2 Review:
Vault Comics is back with a new series from writer Sebastian Girner, artist John Bivens, colorist Iris Monahan, and letterer Jeff Powell. The Devil's Red Bride is described in the first issue's solicitation as a "love letter to samurai fiction" that follows Ketsuko, a woman with a blood-drenched backstory and, it seems, possibly an even more violent future. The Devil's Red[...]
Shadow Service #2 Review:
The first issue of Vault Comics' Shadow Service left off with the lead character in a tricky situation Does this second issue resolve the cliffhanger in a way that keeps the stakes high? Shadow Service #2 cover Credit: Vault Comics Shadow Service #1 was a good start to this series that kept the reader at arm's length from[...]
Lonely Receiver #2 Review:
Credit: Vault Comics Here's the good in Engineward #3: The story finally gets moving in this issue, with Joss leading an expedition to uncover details about the ghoulem's head that they uncovered This leads to some beautiful scenery drawn by Eisma, which has been the core attraction of this series since the start. There is a genuinely interesting[...]
Inkblot #1 Review:
Vault Comics has been putting out some intriguing sci-fi and fantasy debuts this year, so how does Heavy #1 measure up to their impressive, and growing, catalog? Heavy #1 by Max Bemis and Eryk Donovan Credit: Vault Comics Heavy #1 is heavy on mythology, and there's a lot of this very unique world to explain to readers[...]
Vault Reschedules Sera & The Royal Stars, Heist How To Steal A Planet
Vault Comics has rescheduled two of their ongoing series after shutdown, with Sera & The Royal Stars #10 being lined up for the 16th of December There hasn't been an issue of the series by Jon Tsuei and Audrey Mok since #7 in May, and #8 is scheduled for the 21st of October and #9[...]
Resonant Back From Vault Comics in December, Now With Skylar Patridge
Resonant, by David Andry and Alejandro Aragon, had #1-5 published by Vault Comics last year, from January to November It is now returning from Vault in December, with Aragon now replaced by Skylar Patridge of Relics of Youth, alongside colourist Jason Wordie, letterer Deron Bennett, and designer Tim Daniel, with Resonant #6. Resonant Back From Vault[...]