Did This Week's Viz Comic Predict the Boris Johnson Prime Ministerial Scandal?

This weekend, prospective Prime Ministerial candidate, and hands-down favourite to win the support of members of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson got in a spot of bother. His neighbours heard an almighty row going on in his Camberwell, South London apartment in the early hours of the morning which he shares with his girlfriend, while he is divorcing his second wife. Glasses and plates being smashed, screams of 'get off me' and 'get out', before silence – and no sign of anyone leaving. One neighbour knocked on the door repeatedly, and when no one opened the door, he called the police. He shared with them – and the Guardian newspaper – a recording he had made of the altercation.

Since then, Boris Johnson has steadfastly refused to comment on the story, in interviews, and at hustings, and as a result, it isn't going away. I drew my own cartoon of the incident for the political blog Guido Fawkes yesterday.

But Viz Comic, which has to have been written and drawn months ago, and printed weeks ago, managed to foretell these events with pinpoint accuracy. Viz is a bi-monthly-ish British satirical comics magazine, and they led the new summer issue 287 with a strip from an old favourite, the scandal-prone media-savvy Conservative MP, Baxter Basics who, for the purpose of this strip, was standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party and Prime Ministership of Great Britain and Northern Ireland too. And seemed to reflect uncannily just what had happened that weekend…

Here's the first half of the strip. You may be able to guess what his response to the rest of the media is…

Viz Comic is More Topical Than it Dreamed After Boris Johnson Scandal

Viz #287 is out now.

Did This Week's Viz Comic Predict the Boris Johnson Prime Ministerial Scandal?

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