The Walking Dead #171 Pink Signature Variants Have 7 Extra Pages Of Story – And Just Sold For $75 On eBay

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran a couple of stories regarding The Walking Dead #171 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, published today by Skybound/Image Comics. The first noting the arrival of new character known as The Princess. And the second to note that certain copies of the Lorenzo De Felici variant covers had pink signatures reflecting the pink jacket of The Princess – but those issues also had seven extra pages of story, replacing the letters pages at the back.

I understand, though I haven't seen a copy myself, that these pages follow on directly from the end of #171 and are likely to be the first seven pages of #172.

The ratio of pink signature/#172 preview copies to blue signature/#171 copies varies from store to store, one reporting 1:30, another reporting 1:7, but the likelihood being somewhere in the middle, 1:10 to 1:20.

None of this was none or alluded to before publication of the comic book. But if you want your extra pages, you know which signature to look for on which cover… because while yesterday we reported that a copy had sold on eBay for $40, the marketplace has now left that well behind with a Pink Signature/7 Extra Pages edition just selling one hour ago on eBay for $75. Previous sales in the hours before saw plenty of sales for $40, then rising to $45, $50 and $60 as the market continues to find a ceiling for this issue.

What the comic will go for when it is more readily available in store, is yet to be judged. Will it gain some sanity and reduce in amount when more copies can be picked up from unsuspecting stores? Or will the greater awareness push the price over $100?

Walking Dead #171 introduces The Princess, in goggles, purple hair and a bright pink cropped jacket while brandishing heavy armaments that will no doubt be cosplayed to all hell in time for the New York Comic Con. Could she be a character created with that in mind?



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