Walking Dead #99: The Bleeding Cool Review

Walking Dead #99: The Bleeding Cool ReviewThis article contains minor spoilers, but nothing that I believe spoils the comic book reading experience.

The Walking Dead is about to become the most popular monthly comic in the comics industry, even if it is just for one issue. But that is issue one hundred. I've just read issue 99.

No spoilers here. Not, at least, for those who have read issue 98. If you've only seen the TV show, then even the covers of issue 100 will be spoilery.

We start with the situation that Walking Dead #98 left us in. Their encampment recently under seige by zombies and gangsters alike. Having lost a number of their team. A sortie against the invaders failed. And stuck wondering what will happen next.

Walking Dead #99: The Bleeding Cool ReviewAnd so, as always with Rick, a plan is hatched. Resources are pooled, people are talked round, risks are taken and in between the cracks, life happens. We are given insight into their intimate decision making process, and their personal lives too, as a plan is knocked into shape. It is justified, it is well though out and it is necessary.

It is, of course, one hundred percent wrong.

For anyone who has been reading The Walking Dead, reading issue 99 and then not reading issue 100 would be a feat worthy of acclaim, and could form the start of a new reality show, going without Walking Dead #100. It is so perfectly judged, told with brevity, set up with skill, and giving you a knockout punch on the page. The best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley.

Walking Dead #99: The Bleeding Cool ReviewI read the comic late last week, and it's been annoying m that I can't just pick up issue one hundred straight away. Been niggling on the inside of my skull. I have my own theories and have had them playing out in my had since.

Because next issue of the Walking Dead, issue one hundred… it's war.

The Walking Dead #99 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard is published on Wednesday by Image Comics. At which point it will be your turn to get really, really annoyed.


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