The Women And Men Of Bleeding Cool At San Diego Comic Con

Here we come, walking down the street, we get the funniest looks from everyone we meet, heh heh, we're the women and men of Bleeding Cool, heading to San Diego with an iPad in our hands and a smile in our hearts. Stop us and say hello! Every time I go to a show I'll get an email from someone who said they saw me but didn't want to disturb me. Please! Disturb away! I love it! So… this is us.

15190_10151916506305598_1624098259_nHannah Means-Shannon, Editor-In-Chief of Bleeding Cool, steers the massive con-faring craft known as Bleeding Cool as EIC, and is ridiculously enamored of comic cons, spending way too much time as a roving reporter in years past. She finds most comics of any genre quite interesting and listening to panels addictive. Say Hi if you see her—she's always surprised when people do that. She is easily won over by all forms of caffeine. And anything relating to Hellboy, Domo, or Rocket Raccoon.

creator of watchmenschRich Johnston, Head Writer of Bleeding Cool, has been reporting about comics online longer than anyone else, now into his third decade. San Diego Comic Con is his natural habitat, Gatorade is his drink of preference (this year) and he survives the week on peanuts, raisins and vodka from Ralph's. Someone he will make it through the week and back in London in one piece. But not before leaving San Diego in pieces.

unnamedJoshua Stone has been collecting comics since before most of you we're born. He is a husband and a father of two boys, who somehow still finds time to love these nerdy things, and still keep his job as a civilian. This is Josh's third year covering SDCC for Bleeding Cool. If you see Josh wandering around with a lost look on his face, it's probably just that even though this is his 12th SDCC, the place still amazes him. Unless he really is lost. Either way, you can follow him on Twitter @1Nerdyone.

WP_20140717_1512[1]Liz Hey, Bleeding Cool's youngest New York correspondent, spends her days scavenging the vast world of indie comics, attending events within her local scene, and downing more Gray's Papaya than the average human being should, only to report it all back to the readers. While she's not new to writing from the convention circuit, this will her be first time at San Diego Comic Con. She's excited to bring you the best news coverage with the worst puns possible.

Abdulkareem Baba AminuAbdulkareem Baba Aminu is a newspaper editor, award-winning journalist and comic book creator.

Based in Nigeria, the writer has reviewed comics, novels, movies and music for a variety of platforms. He is currently the Editor of the Saturday edition of the Daily Trust, one of the most influential newspapers in his country.

OxAbigail Raney is the person you know most likely to be at the library. You can lure her out with movie tickets or a trail of Reese's Pieces.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she uses an umbrella as a parasol and drinks copious amounts of tea. She is probably not a vampire slayer.

Ray FlookRay Flook has been a field reporter for Bleeding Cool since October 2013. During his down-time, he studies the Zen philosopher, Basho, who once wrote, "A flute with no holes, is not a flute. A doughnut with no hole, is a danish."

Learn to "be the ball" by following him on. Twitter: @OldManGeek88; or checking out his site:

IMG_20130802_123311Ale Bodden (Like Alex, but without the 'x') is a freelance artist and aspiring writer– in the meantime she likes to explore the Geekverse on her golden unicorn with a good book in hand and advocate in favor of the house-elves.

You can follow her through twitter: @alebodden11 or over at

patrick willems press photoPatrick Willems used to make videos for Bleeding Cool, until seven months ago when he disappeared into the wilds of the internet. Now he's back, unable to resist the siren song of San Diego. He'll be shooting videos of varying degrees of silliness and trying to weasel his way into those fancy invite-only Hollywood parties.

Follow him at @patrickhwillems and watch his videos here.

422845_3473395764025_1631190175_nHilton Collins loves sci-fi and fantasy entertainment in all genres. By day, he's a (mostly) mild-mannered writer and video producer. By night, he's… well… the same thing—24 hours a day of nerd awesomeness.

Check out his blog, www.imaginationunplugged.comfor more info.

Screen shot 2014-07-15 at 8.45.38 PMJayson Zachery.  I'm a Radiologic Technologist by day and a geek every other second of my life, and I want more.  I blame it all on the Challenge of the Superfriends, that's where it all began for me.   I'm probably showing my age there.  I love it all, from Superman to the X-men, Stan Lee to Jack Kirby, Game of Thrones to Phantasy Star, action figures to comic books, Anita Blake to Universal Monsters, Jason Voorhees to She-Ra, and Stan Bush!  It's been a lifetime of input, and I'm ready to give something back. Happy San Diego Comic Con!

Phonedump June 2014 911Joe Glass is the creator and writer of the increasingly popular The Pride, about a LGBTQ superhero team. He is also a co-writer on South Wales based horror comedy series Stiffs, that includes a zombie hunting talking monkey, because sometimes Joe is just weird. When not writing comics or for Bleeding Cool, Joe is trying to take silly selfies with his cat, Oliver. You can reach Joe at

IMG_6981Aaron B. Hale. There is a lot that can be said about me: I'm a man, I have a beautiful wife who cosplays, I own a dog (he is quite the noble beast), and I teach. I also like hats and holiday sweaters. However, this week all you need to know is I am Comic Con. I am a Bleeding Cool contributor. This will be my tenth visit to San Diego, and my second SDCC with Bleeding Cool. This years line up of guests, panels, and exclusives has me especially excited. It's my goal to find you something that will likewise pique your interest . If you see me roaming the halls please, say hi.  You may also follow me on Twitter @Bandb54

DSC_1115Will Romine. Hello Friends!  You've seen me around.  For those of you I haven't met, my name is Will Romine, aka Starro, aka that guy at all the DC panels rushing the mic.  When I'm not doing my big boy job, I like to put on costumes and get into trouble.  The upside for you is that I write about this trouble for  If you see me, don't be shy.

If you say the magic words "Pete's the key", I'll be obligated to give you something out of my swag bag.  This year, I'll be dressed as Adam Strange.   WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

unnamedNikolai Fomich is a writer, researcher, and college teacher in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area. He is currently working on several projects, including a comic book series about a time-traveling history professor from future Africa. Whether he ever gets through the research stage remains to be seen. He loves comics, literature, film, history, and travel, and takes moderate pleasure in linguistics, martial arts, and describing himself in the third-person. Feel free to say hello to him at San Diego Comic Con where he'll be attending with one of his hats. Follow him on @brokenquiver

10262031_10202931752248831_5839233291837398517_nAlex Wilson dropped out of cub scouts at an early age after he refused to sell popcorn for "the man." Since then his life has entered into a downward spiral. He lives in the sinful world of comic books, folk punk, and seedy tattoo shops.

You can find him bare-knuckle boxing to pay his rent or tweeting about Teen Wolf on his Twitter, @mralexwilson.

2014-07-18_11-30-56_562Peter S. Svensson has been covering San Diego Comic Con for Bleeding Cool longer than anyone else listed here. He used to have hair when he started! When not sitting in panel rooms typing away, Peter works as the manager of SpaceCat, a comic/video game store in San Jose, CA. He will once again be competing in the Pro/Fan Trivia Contest at Sunday, 4:00 PM at Room 4, and hopes you go see him try his best to not make a total fool of himself.

Fl_KeO4J_400x400Jeremy Konrad is one half of The Dedicated Server, a videocast about…….video games, which you can catch here on Bleeding Cool every week. When not doing that, he loves to write about his two biggest passions: Star Wars and, well, Star Wars. Also action figures, and when the mood strikes him comics and comics culture. He once sat at a table with Brian Michael Bendis for 6 hours, and his friends still buy him drinks off that one. He lives in Ohio with his long suffering wife and his Padawan Katie.Yell at him or talk Star Wars on twitter @jeremyohio

PeteSailer_BCProfilePicPete Sailer is a NYU graduate who's determined to break into the comics industry by hook or by crook. He recently "pulled a DC" by moving to Los Angeles from New York after he recovered from a debilitating addiction to halal food. His client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania. You can follow him at @PetesPanels.

Marq-Glass-HeadshotMarq Romero hails from the mean streets of Somerset, New Jersey where he brings love, peace and geekiness to those in need. By day he is a web designer and all day he is about comic books. His claim to nerdy fame is proposing to his beautiful wife via cosplay flash mob at NYCC 2011. He was the Bleeding Cool Google Glass reporter for NYCC 2013 and is super excited to be at SDCC for the very first time bringing to you the sights and sounds of the con. You can also follow his personal art project Superhero365 where he tries to draw up as many original superheroes he can within a year.

IMG_3167Frazer Brown is an award winning Filmmaker, Independent Investor and Theatre Producer based in London. He has been a full-time geek since 1988 when he picked up his first american comic (The Amazing Spider-Man issue 320 for completists). Frazer has been writing internationally for Bleeding Cool since 2012 and is very happy to return as part of The Bleeding Cool team for 2014 (having not learned his lesson last year). You will see him in the role of videographer and Photographer for most of the weekend armed with his trusty Canon 7D. In his spare time  he is working on his first feature as director and hoping to launch his first self published comic in time for SDCC 2015 (the last comic work he did was the 1992 independent "angels of Deception" with covers by some guy called Ian Churchill – where's he now?). His profile picture was chosen because it seemed to have just the right balance of "pout" and "trout" complimented by the double edged threat of "Duck" and "Face". He is currently trying to master the Blue Steel.

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