Who Knew The King From Cinderella Was Lazy? Thoughts On The Disney Princess Comic

There have only been four issues thus far, but I'm hooked on Joe Books, Disney Princess comic. Written by Amy Mebberson, Georgia Ball, Geoffrey Golden, Patrick Storck, and Caleb Goellner, this collection of comical tales is a treat for any fan of Disney characters.

What I love most about it is the new light it shines on characters that we've seen time and time again. I mean how many times can you watch Cinderella? A lot…but after a while it's nice to see what else is going on in the castle. This comic allows for that. For example, who knew the King was so lazy?

What follows is an entertaining series of panels in which Cinderella attempts to help the King. Throughout the comic you'll find many different stories that feature the princesses. Some that are longer, about five pages or so, and others that only last a strip long. This Beauty and the Beast strip below is an excellent example.


Short, sweet, funny, what more could you ask for? I'd say that this is an okay comic for children, but for the ones that are a bit older. The younger ones may just see the princesses and be happy, but as an adult I found a lot of joy in the humor the writers weave in.

Right now Joe Books & Disney Comics are doing some really exciting things on top of this Disney Princess series. They've recently released an ongoing Frozen comic and will be doing the same with Captain Jack Sparrow at the end of this month. Pretty cool if you ask me. Disney fans of the world unite! Grab some of these comics at your local comic book store.