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Aladdin Heroine Princess Jasmine Disney Nendoroid Figure Up For Order

Aladdin Heroine Princess Jasmine Disney Nendoroid Figure Up For Order

Aladdin Princess Jasmine is the latest Disney Nendoroid figure to go up for order. Good Smile Company can release 20 of these a month until the end times and they will all sell. Disney collectors and figure collectors alike are head over heels for these things. Jasmine will be based on her appearance in the […]

Funko Nacho Libre Collage

Funko Round-Up: Nacho Libre, Dirty Dancing, Spider-Verse, Doctor Who, and More!

The scenes with the Disney Princesses stole the whole film, as expected Funko is doing a line of Rock Candy figures with them in their casual wear, and the Aurora figure is exclusive to the Funko Shop You can order one for yourself right here.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="949343,949341"]In a surprise announcement, two versions of Nacho[...]

Disney Releases New Teaser for 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'

Mere hours after revealing that Gal Gadot was joining the voice cast of animated feature Ralph Breaks the Internet (Wreck-It Ralph 2), the House of Mouse has released a new teaser for the upcoming film. The teaser shows the racing game Gadot's character is featured in, AND more of the hilarious (and adorable) antics of […]

Little Mermaid nail art

Splash into Summer with 'The Little Mermaid' Nail Art

I really love nail art. I wish I could do my nails up in such dazzling display, but alas, they would get ruined. These The Little Mermaid nails will really make a splash for any mermaid-lover this summer, so if you don't have a labor-intensive job or you're heading to a fancy event soon, go […]

disney spirit jersey disneyland

The Disney Spirit Jersey, One of the Best Disney-Themed Items Out There

During my last Disney trip, I finally broke down and bought a Millennial Pink Spirit Jersey. I've worn it frequently since, and I love everything about it. It's comfy, it's just warm enough for a cool summer evening, and it's just plain cute. There are so many styles too! You can find the spirit jerseys […]

raspberry pie

Nerd Food: Make Your Own Rapunzel Raspberry Pie!

So, I'll come clean: I've never baked a pie before. It's a little intimidating, and I don't really have a ton of space in my kitchen. But recently Disney shared this Rapunzel Raspberry Pie recipe, and honestly, it doesn't look so hard to make! No frying pans required! ūüćī pic.twitter.com/FPezIeha17 — Disney (@Disney) January 7, […]

ZAGREB , CROATIA - May 9th , 2015 : Elsa , cartoon character from Walt Disney movie Frozen on the girl dress medallion ,product shot

Crafty Christmas Disney Princess

Looking for something to do Christmas day? Why not try your hand at one of these creative, Disney Princess-inspired trees? You can use stuff found in your home, and you don't have to limit yourself to the trees in the video either What kind of Disney three would you make?Given all the givens, Elsa would[...]

FCBD Ariel Spotlight Rerelease and Princess and the Frog One-Shot: Joe Books March 2018 Solicits

Joe Books' Disney Princess: Ariel Spotlight by Paul Benjamin, Amy Mebberson, and more is getting a re-release for Free Comic Book Day 2018 Plus, The Princess and the Frog is getting a one-shot, and Riftworld Legends continues with its second issue Check out the details below.JAN180008 FCBD 2018 DISNEY PRINCESS ARIEL SPOTLIGHT (W) Paul Benjamin & Various (A) Amy Mebberson & Various (CA) Amy Mebberson The[...]

Joe Books February 2018

Disney Princess And Launch of Riftworld Legends: Joe Books February 2018 Solicits

It will be written by Jonathan Williams with art by Daniel Wong.Plus, Disney Princess #17 is being released and will feature stories about Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, Belle, Tiana, Cinderella, and more.DISNEY PRINCESS #17 (W/A/CA) Disney Disney's beloved heroines have returned! Featuring laugh-out-loud stories from the worlds of Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, Aurora, and more, this charming ongoing series will make all[...]

snow white makeup

Be The Fairest Of Them All With Exclusive Snow White Makeup At D23

I'm a huge fan of makeup. I buy it, I wear it, I love it. I even once worked at Estee Lauder. I also love Disney, something I'm sure none of you were aware of! At this weekend's D23, Besame Cosmetics unveiled their Snow White makeup line, and it looks fabulous. @BesameCosmetics has a exclusive […]

New Trailer For Olaf's Frozen Adventure Droped! Do Snowmen poop?

Disney can't let Frozen go. Between the new rides and entertainment at the park, to endless supplies of Elsa dolls and Olaf figures, there's seriously no end in sight for this train. This animated short will be released with Disney/Pixar's Coco (which looks amazing) on November 22. The trailer is cute and fun, and it […]

Honoring Royalty: Fans Petition Disney To Make Leia An Official Princess

And now there is a fan petition to make it official.The petition, which as of this writing has over 34,000 signatures, aims to have Disney make the character an official Disney Princess In the Change.org posting, fan Cody Christensen calls for the following: “After the tragic lose of Carrie Fisher, we feel that it is only[...]

Who Knew The King From Cinderella Was Lazy? Thoughts On The Disney Princess Comic

There have only been four issues thus far, but I'm hooked on Joe Books, Disney Princess comic Written by Amy Mebberson, Georgia Ball, Geoffrey Golden, Patrick Storck, and Caleb Goellner, this collection of comical tales is a treat for any fan of Disney characters.What I love most about it is the new light it shines on characters that we've[...]

Some Better Late Than Never Thoughts On Disney Princess #1 & #2

I had been looking forward to Joe Books Disney Princess comic for quite some time It wasn't until I was leisurely browsing my local comic book store yesterday that I saw not one, but two issues! Anxious to see what the comic was like, I grabbed both The comic is written and illustrated by Amy Mebberson, who I personally[...]

Amy Mebberson's Disney Princess Comic Out In February

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you last year that Joe Books would be publishing official Disney comic book strips online by Amy Mebberson exploring the characters of Frozen, Little Mermaid, Cinderalla and more, moving from her fanfic to official licensed stories.In February they are coming to print in an ongoing comic book, Disney[...]