Will Marvel Stealth-Cancel Titles In June? More Amazon Sleuthing

5192pS8+zkLYes, yes, we looked at this kind of thing back in January. But we arrive with new evidence, courtesy of Amazon listings.

Back then we looked at Howling Commandos Of SHIELD was no longer being solicited even though its Amazon listing had a "volume 1" for issues 1-5. That listing no longer has a vol 1 but the comic is continuing into Avengers Standoff with one more  issue 6, before disappearing.

We also noted that Black Knight had its Vol 1 removed and was cancelled. And that came to pass.

So, you know, swings and roundabouts.

The first Angela: Queen Of Hel collection had changed from its initial #1-5 listing to #1-#7. That's often a sign that the book is cancelled but they want to put all the issues into print and not leave a couple hanging over. It also has no Vol 1 listing anymore on Amazon. And it's seventh issue is scheduled for May.

But we were wary. Amazon also removed the Vol 1 from the TPB listing for Moon Girl... and listed it as 1-5 but we were then told.

So it is worth being wary and Moon Girl #7 is solicited for May.

But it's always worthwhile to look for Amazon anomalies, reading the tea leaves as to Marvel's current plans. Never 100% reliable, they do have a history of leading the way…

For a start the Moon Girl listing has reverted back to being Vol 1, though for #1-#6. This gives the impression that the comic was cancelled but then reinstated.

Starbrand/Nightmask: Eternity's Children is no longer Volume 1, and lists its first 5 issues. Maybe its only five issue, issue 5 is in May. Don't expect #6 in June….

Red Wolf: Man Out Of Time is the same, also no longer Volume 1, lists ist first 5 issues, with its fifth issue in May. Will the publicity the book got see it survive?

Illuminati: Life Of Crime has also lost its Vol 1 – but its page count as increased to 160 pages. Despite the listing says #1-5, will it actually stretch to May's seventh issue before saying goodbye?

Guardians Of Infinity has lost its Vol 1 and become a sub-brand of Guardians Of The Galaxy. Listed as issues 1-6, its sixth issue is in May. Will it get a seventh or not?

As it stands, we are expecting a loss of Red Wolf, Illuminati, Angela: Queen Of Hel, Guardians Of Infinity and Starbrand/Nightmask in Marvel's June solicitations, though Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur will continue.

Though, like Hellcat, Weirdworld, Nova, All New Inhumans, Squirrel Girl, Star Lord, Moon Girl, Howard the Duck, Spider-Woman, Venom, Silver Surfer or Karnak, getting past #12 will be a longer battle…

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