You Really Should #MakeComics At Long Beach Comic Con

logo_lbcc_largeLong Beach Comic Con is coming up September 27th and 28th, and there's a special focus in the programming that will warm the hearts of aspiring comics creators–it's all about making comics from the standpoint of different stages of development. And many pros in the field have dedicated time to take part in sharing the wisdom. If you're on the fence about making comics, it's definitely worth checking out some of these #MakeComics panels. And even if you aren't a hopeful creator, the panels are bound to give you insights into the medium in a way that would be beneficial to your appreciation of your favorite reading choices each week.

Here's the #MakeComics programming:

Saturday September 27

#MakeComics: Create a Print

11 AM

Ever wonder how an artist chooses or creates the prints you buy Artist Alley? See one of comic's most awesome creators design a convention quality print and maybe take home a special souvenir during the weekend.

#MakeComics: Purveying Words: Writing for Comics

1 PM

Want to take your idea, character, or concept to the next level? Learn how the pros outline, plot, and script your favorite comic books. Aspiring writers can get valuable direction from some of the industry's brightest wordsmiths. On the panel: Marc Andreyko, Joshua Fialkov, David Gallaher, Ken Kristensen , Richard Starkings, Gerry Conway, and Scott Lobdell.

#MakeComics: The Art of Drawing Comics

2 PM

In comics, looks are everything. Join sequential visual storytellers Chris Burnham, Gabriel Hardman, Drew Johnson, Bernard Chang and Jon Bogdanove as they show you how an artist begins to thumbnail, layout, and finish pencil a comic book.

#MakeComics: Drawing The Line: The Art of Inking Comics

3 PM

Once an illustrator finishes the pencil stage, a different artist has to make those lead lines into a gorgeous permanently inked piece of art. Find out how to take your comic books to a new level of quality from the industry's top inkers. On the panel: Richard Friend, Norm Rapmund, Danny Miki, and Art Thibert.

#MakeComics: The Nuts & Bolts of Comics: Lettering & Production

4 PM

The final touches of a comic book come together in one of the most unsung steps. Findout how much detail goes into getting a book worded and finalized for digital or print with John J. Hill, Joshua Reed, Patrick Brosseau, Mark Roslan.

#MakeComics: Working With The Boss: How To Pitch Editors

5 PM

Every comic book starts with an idea. Some of the most dedicated editors of the comic book industry will tell you how a fantasy becomes a comic book reality and how to navigate the mindfield of getting a book written and drawn. On the panel: Shannon Denton, Vince Hernandez, Bob Layton, Janelle Asselin, and Barbara Randall Kesel.

#MakeComics: The Wonderful World of Coloring Comics

6 PM

The world of color doesn't just happen. It takes hours of dedicated attention to detail to make those pencils and inks pop on a vibrantly colored page. Some of comic's most brilliant colorists will take you through what it takes to color comics. On the panel  Laura Allred, David Baron, Beth Sotelo, and Alex Sinclair.

Sunday September 28

#MakeComics: Digital Color for Comics

11 AM

In print or digital, comic books need color but do you know how comic books are colored? Learn about the creative art of comic book coloring as Hi-Fi's Brian Miller (DC's Futures End) and Kristy Miller (SpongeBob SquarePants) demonstrate the step-by-step transformation of a comic book page from black and white to full color. Learn the basics of flatting, rendering, color holds, and special effects, along with top digital coloring tips

#MakeComics: A Journey of 10,000 Words: The Art of Writing a Novel


Finishing a novel can be a daunting proposition. Come ask these acclaimed novelists about their creative proccess. On the panel Castellucci,  JT Krul, Sattin, and Alex Segura.

#MakeComics: Love At First Sight: Creating The Cover

1 PM

First impressions are everything in comics and a few masters of the cover will show you how to make an eye catching comic book cover. On the panel Tim Bradstreet, Bernard Chang, Drew Johnson, Amanda Conner, and Scott Koblish.

#Make Comics: Man of Action presents How to Build A Comic Studio

2 PM

Do you and your friends have ideas for great stories but don't know how to take it to the next level. The Man of Action is here to talk about uniting your resources and taking your ideas to the page by building your own studio.

#MakeComics: How to Kickstart your comic

3 PM

Today there's more ways than ever to get a comic made. Some of the industry's most well known creators will tell you how to get a comic off the ground without a publisher. On the panel Brian Buccellato, Vito Delsante, David Gallaher, Travis Hanson, Mike Kunkel, Jimmy Palmiotti, Marcus Perry & Tony Donley.

#MakeComics: How to Publicize

4 PM

Congrats: your comic book is being published! Now what? How should you promote your work? Do reviews matter? What cons should a creator attend to promote your work? How should you use social media to get the word out? Publicity and social media experts discuss what strategies to embrace–and what tactics you should avoid in the last #makecomics panel of the weekend.

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