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The cover to King in Black #1
Felix Lu of Felix Comic Art dropped a figurative bomb in his latest newsletter when he announced that he is in negotiation to sell all the original Ryan Stegman art (with inker JP Mayer) of Marvel's King In Black to a single buyer. The cover to King in Black #1 Not just one issue Every page of[...]
Dorothy McGreal Comic Strip Collection SDCC 2018
Steve Wyatt writes: The Dorothy McGreal Original Comic Strip Art Collection will be on display during the 2018 San Diego Comic-Con at Booth 1300 'Big Wow Comic Fest', with most pieces available for purchase. From 1966 through 1972, Dorothy McGreal published and edited The World of Comic Art, the first professional periodical of its kind in the[...]
This Weekend In Brooklyn: Don't Miss 300 Artists At The Gowanus Open Studios Event
Gowanus, Brooklyn, is the home to a thriving art community, and there's a particular block of warehouse space where comic artists, in particular, have been making their living for some time Included in that is my haunt, Hang Dai Studios, featuring Dean Haspiel, Gregory Benton, Christa Cassano, Joe Infurnari, Swifty Lang, Jonathan Allen, and more,[...]
Inside The World Of A Comic Book Art Dealer – A Superhero Dojo Special
This includes, but is not limited to, registration for booth space at the con, booking accommodations for artists, ordering artist banners and merchandise (art prints, sketchbooks, etc.), arranging commission requests in advance of the show, handling all art sales and commission requests at the booth, recording all sales, co-ordinating CGC signature series opportunities for fans…[...]