Apex Legends Drops Another Lore Video For Crypto

Respawn Entertainment has been busy this month with all the lore content for Apex Legends as we have another audio lore drop. The recon expert was dropped into the game clear back in Season 3 with a number of mysteries surrounding him and his weird past. This falls in line with his character being a hacker who specializes in secrets, seeing as how he has so many about him that the team hasn't been able to crack without truly hitting him to the core. At least, that's the way the storyline for the game has been playing out. The latest lore drop for the game will throw a little bit of that aside as we get into it with him and Wattson for the latest video that's been loaded to Twitter.

Why won't you let us help you, broken man? Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
Why won't you let us help you, broken man? Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

In this particular video, we see Crypto and Wattson as they make some sort of attempt to repair their friendship, which has been wavering after what transpired during the events of The Broken Ghost. The audio recording comes with some single-shot animations showing the two Legends trying to work their way through something that put their trust to the test. The only way the two are able to connect is after Crypto decides to let his guard down and reveal more about his past to Wattson, which she is unprepared for. How will this shape out in the stories ahead? Like all things from the lore drops we've been getting in Apex Legends, only time will truly tell. With Season 8 looming, it appears the developers are getting as much content out there about the characters as they can as we expect to see more storyline content headed into 2021. With any luck, we'll find out more about Crypto in the months to come.

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