China Banned Resident Evil 2 and Vendors Found a Way To Sell It Anyway

It shouldn't come as any surprise that China banned Resident Evil 2 from their marketplace due to violence and gore, but people found a way around it. Abacus News is reporting that the game is currently being sold through the market under different names and different artwork. As you can see from the examples below, these people on the market are basically using children's artwork and the worst design choices ever to sell the game as if it were a children's product that would get past censors as opposed to Capcom's official display.

credit//Abacus News

It's a clever ploy to make money and get Resident Evil 2 into the marketplace, but it doesn't come without risks as you can be arrested for selling illegal games. However, since it appears no one in the Chinese government is rushing to stop it or enforce any of those laws right away, it looks like they're free to sell these all they wish.

credit//Abacus News

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