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A sealed copy of Resident Evil 2 for GameCube is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now.
Though there have been several entries over the years, the second entry, Resident Evil 2, remains one of the single best Though Resident Evil 2 is typically synonymous with the PlayStation, it was also released on additional platforms, including the GameCube It follows Raccoon Police Department's Leon Kennedy as he finds himself living through the[...]
Brittany's 2019 Games of the Decade: Resident Evil 2 Remake
It's going to be a wild ride. Resident Evil 2 Remake can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Resident Evil 2 | Launch Trailer | PS4 ( It's difficult to top the original Resident Evil, but somehow Capcom managed to do exactly that[...]
The Game Awards Announce Their 2019 Nominees
Ultimate, Resident Evil 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and The Outer Worlds Other notable games on the list include Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Disco Elysium, Final Fantasy XIV, Fortnite, Gris, Outer Wilds, and Sayonara Wild Hearts We have the full list of nominees for you below as The Game Awards will take[...]
The 5 Coolest Moments of "Resident Evil"
When you remember your first Resident Evil, you know this is the first thing you think of – at least in the beginning, right? It may be an overused tactic in films and video games these days, but back then it was as effective as reaching out and grabbing you by the throat. Say Hello to[...]
The "Untitled Goose Game" Goose Terrifies "Resident Evil 2's" Leon and Claire
Credit: Alister What happens when the goose from Untitled Goose Game comes to Resident Evil 2? Chaos, that's what. Modder Alister, the same individual who brought us the Thomas the Tank Engine mod, has done it again Alister is currently working on as-yet-unfinished mod that brings the goose into the game He's even wearing Mr X's fedora,[...]
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" WIll Be Getting "Resident Evil" DLC
Yesterday, the company revealed on Twitter that they would be creating new DLC content for the game in which you'll be getting Resident Evil 2 additions The most prominent of the batch being Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy costumes for you to hunt down creatures in Claire will be getting her own strange and unique-looking[...]
Capcom is Working on Several Unannounced Games
In their recent Investor Call, Capcom execs hinted that the studio has several unannounced games in the works, though they didn't specify just how many games they're working on. We do know that the unannounced games will be working in the same engine as Resident Evil 7 and the recent Resident Evil 2 The RE Engine is perhaps[...]
Someone Made a Captain Marvel Mod for Resident Evil 2
Would you like to play as Captain Marvel in Capcom's recent release of Resident Evil 2? Someone made a mod so you can do just that There's nothing major to the mod beyond a skin addition, as you change Claire Redfield's look to that of Carol Danvers in full battle mode, mohawk and all You[...]
Resident Evil 2 Was Supposed to Have a Changeable Perspective Camera
One of the fun secrets to come out since the remake release of Resident Evil 2 is that the game would have originally had an interesting camera option SiliconEra has an in-depth article discussing the matter that is totally worth a read if you're an RE2 fan, as they go into depth about a discussion producer Yoshiaki[...]
Capcom Wants To Know What You Think of Resident Evil 2
Do you have any specific thoughts you'd like Capcom to know about their remake of Resident Evil 2? They actually want to hear from you! In a little bit of a rare move from the company, they posted a message on Twitter today asking fans to take part in a survey about the game The[...]
China Banned Resident Evil 2 and Vendors Found a Way To Sell It Anyway
It shouldn't come as any surprise that China banned Resident Evil 2 from their marketplace due to violence and gore, but people found a way around it Abacus News is reporting that the game is currently being sold through the market under different names and different artwork As you can see from the examples below,[...]
Resident Evil 2 Releases a Launch Trailer for The Ghost Survivors
Yesterday, Resident Evil 2 released a brand new launch trailer to show off their latest DLC for the game, The Ghost Survivors You get a good look at all three chapters of this, which are called No Time to Mourn, Runaway, and Forgotten Soldier Each of which tells a different part of the story we haven't[...]
Resident Evil 2 WiIl Receive Three Free DLC Stories in February
We now know a little bit more of what will be in The Ghost Survivors DLC coming to Resident Evil 2 next month, and it will all be free content Capcom posted new screenshots and a little more detail about what the content will entail, as you'll be getting three "what if" stories that are happening[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for January 22-28, 2019
Check out the list below, pick and choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! January 22nd At Sundown: Shots in the Dark (Switch, XB1) FutureGrind (Switch) Realm Royale (XB1) Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal (PC, PS4) The Hong Kong Massacre (PC) The Raven Remastered (Switch) January 23rd Heroes Trials (XB1) Slay the Spire (PC) The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition (XB1) Unruly Heroes (XB1) #KILLALLZOMBIES (Switch) credit//Capcom January 24th Achtung![...]
Resident Evil 2 to Receive Free Ghost Survivors DLC
It looks like Capcom is not done with Resident Evil 2 after launch, as the game will be receiving some free DLC for all players to snag As part of the celebration for the release, Capcom held a special stream this week on their YouTube channel, which went over a lot of the game and how they[...]
Capcom Releases More Resident Evil 2 Images of Hunk and Tofu
😂 — Katastrophe 🍐 @ mini vacation :) (@ImKatastrophe) January 14, 2019 Survive Raccoon City as the Grim Reaper and… a block of tofu? Unlockable bonus modes make their return in Resident Evil 2 with The 4th Survivor and The Tofu Survivor, included with #RE2 at launch on January 25! — Resident Evil (@RE_Games) January 14, 2019 Yes,[...]
Capcom Boasts Over a Million Players Tried the Resident Evil 2 Demo
It looks like Resident Evil 2 is going to have some killer sales if the demo numbers are any indication as over a million players have tried it The image below is from a little bit ago, where Capcom is measuring who is trying out the game and in what region of the world Japan[...]
Resident Evil 2's Demo Got Gore Censored in Japan
It appears Capcom's new version of Resident Evil 2 was a bit too bloody for Japanese audiences, as the game received some censorship The news was broken by Tristan Cooper, the Managing Editor at Dorkly, who posted some comparisons on Twitter as to what American audience saw compared to what the Japanese audience saw Below you[...]
Resident Evil 2 is Getting a "1-Shot Demo" on Xbox One, PS4, and PC
credit//Capcom Capcom is releasing a demo this Friday for horror fans to get a sneak peek at Capcom's reimagining of Resident Evil 2 before it launches later this month The "1-Shot demo" will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC players via Steam, and will run from January 11th through to January 31st[...]
The List of Trophies in Resident Evil 2 Has Been Revealed
Over the weekend, the complete list of trophies you'll be able to get on the new Resident Evil 2 was revealed, and there's a few interesting ones in here You have the usual suspects for getting past certain areas and finding stuff in both stories, but there's some stuff in here that should be higher than[...]
Sony Releases a "Coming Attractions" Video for the PS4's 2019 Lineup
The rest of the roster includes Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, Devil May Cry 5, Ghosts of Tsushima, Kingdom Hearts III, Concrete Genie, Rage 2 The Division 2, Erica, Dreams, Blood and Truth, Metro Exodus, Dying Light 2, Medievil, Control, Resident Evil 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled, Anthem, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice,[...]
Capcom Has Fixed Leon Kennedy's Backstory in Resident Evil 2
It looks like Capcom is doing a bit of revisionist history on Resident Evil 2 before the game is released next year, starting with Leon Kennedy The company tweeted out his backstory prior to release, and it doesn't read or seem all that interesting. 【レオン・S・ケネディ】ラクーンシティ警察署に配属された新人警官。赴任日直前に命令で自宅待機していたが、その後、連絡がないため不審に思い、署に向かうことに。数日遅れのラクーンシティ到着が、彼の命運を変えることになる。 #RE2_chara — バイオハザード(カプコン) (@BIO_OFFICIAL) December 27, 2018 "New officer Leon S[...]
Resident Evil 2 Will Apparently Have an Auto-Aim Feature
Remember the days where you had to use skills to shoot a gun in Resident Evil 2? They're apparently going away with a rumored auto-aim feature According to Bloody Disgusting, one of the new features that Capcom is adding into the new version of the game (which they revealed to the foreign press) is an[...]
New Resident Evil 2 Images Surface Featuring Ada Wong
This week, a new set of Resident Evil 2 images surfaced online from Capcom featuring a few familiar faces to the franchise like Ada Wong The primary source for all the news can be traced back to Reset Era, who got us a glimpse of the red dress wearing antihero who just can't decide who's[...]
PUBG Mobile and Resident Evil 2 Have a Big Announcement Coming
It appears we're going to be getting a new crossover event in video gaming between PUBG Mobile and the new Resident Evil 2 on the way Early this morning, the mobile game's Twitter feed posted this teaser, with a hashtag #pubgmobilexre2 While they'd like to keep the suspense going, it's pretty clear that at some[...]
Capcom Releases Five Resident Evil 2 Promo Videos in Japan
Capcom's Japan account posted some new promotional videos today for the new Resident Evil 2 coming out next year on January 25th These aren't exactly the longest promos in the world as the longest one shows seven seconds of content, but at least it's something to get excited over The majority of them revolve around Leon[...]
Capcom Shows Off Claire Redfield in Military Gear for Resident Evil 2
Capcom had a little bit of a surprise in content to show off this week for Resident Evil 2 as we see Claire Redfield in some different gear If you happen to buy the Collector's Edition or the Deluxe Edition of the game, you'll get this military costume of her as one of the many[...]
Capcom Reveals New Claire Gameplay for Resident Evil 2
Capcom decided to release new gameplay footage of Resident Evil 2 this week, featuring nearly 30 minutes of Claire's storyline We'll let the video speak for itself below as a couple of the UK team members play a small section of the game featuring her exploring when you eventually come across Shelly who is hiding from[...]