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SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash Comes Out For Nintendo Switch
Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash for download The company has delved back into its past again to pull another classic title from the NeoGeo Pocket and brought it to life with faster mechanics, impressive colors, and the ability to switch between different NGP versions Here's a rundown of the game. Credit: SNK Introducing! SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters'[...]
Secretlab Reveals New Monster Hunter Lumbar Pillow
Secretlab revealed a brand new addition to their lumbar pillow line as they've partnered with Capcom for a Monster Hunter design The two companies have already worked with each other in the past on an awesome item as they came together for the Monster Hunter gaming chair on their 2022 design Which you can see[...]
Capcom Announces Esports Plans Upheld Again Due To COVID-19
Capcom finds themselves in an unenviable spot yet again with their esports division as they've had to postpone due to COVID-19 Last night the company took to Twitter to announce that the Capcom Cup 2021, which was slated to be the last stop of the 2022 Capcom Pro Tour, has been canceled Here's the full[...]
Capcom Unveils New Dedicated Content Creator Program
Capcom revealed they are launching a brand new program as they unveiled Capcom Creators aimed at being a dedicated creator system The company didn't release a ton of information about the initiative as it has just barely been revealed and doesn't appear to be fully set up at this time But the gist of what[...]
Street Fighter V Final Character Luke Arrives This Week
Capcom has released the final Street Fighter V character that will be added to the roster, as Luke makes his way into the streets His inclusion makes him the 45th character added to the game, making this the biggest roster of characters a Street Fighter title has ever had (It's not all 114 characters ever[...]
Auto Draft
This particular update will be the start of a climactic trilogy, which is going to bring together several Capcom characters from Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man, Monster Hunter, and Street Fighter Plus many others as the trilogy continues You can read the details of what's been added to the update below. Credit: GungHo Online The Goddess Myria offers[...]
Giveaway: Resident Evil Village Collector's Edition
Would you like to win a Collector's Edition of Resident Evil Village from Capcom? All you need is a Twitter account to do so The company has provided us a chance to give away a couple of copies of a special Collector's Edition on PS4, including an artbook, special Chris figure, a poster, a digital[...]
Fanhome Offers Street Fighter Fans An Awesome Collectible Subscription
These figures are also officially licensed by Capcom, so fans and collectors do not have to worry about getting some weird knockoff figures To make things even more interesting, each statue comes with a magazine to go with each corresponding Street Fighter character you get In each magazine, Fanhome has given fans fighter biographies, skills[...]
Street Fighter V Reveals New Outfits Supporting Breast Cancer Research
Capcom has revealed two new costumes that they're adding to Street Fighter V this month as part of their effort to aid in breast cancer research The company has partnered up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to offer two all-new themed costumes for Chun-Li and Ryu As you can see from the images below,[...]
Monster Hunter Rise Is Headed To PC In January 2022
Capcom has finally revealed when Monster Hunter Rise will make its way to PC as the game is getting released in January 2022 The PC version of the game will come with all the updates, DLC, bug fixes, and more that players have already been getting, making it as complete a package as possible and[...]
Digital Eclipse Is In Talks To Remaster Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Capcom 2 Of all the games in the series, and let's be honest, compared to most of the Marvel/Capcom ventures ever made in arcade and home gaming, no title has resonated more with fans and still remains a hallmark game than MvC2 And for years people have wanted to see this one be remade or[...]
Capcom Reveals Luke As The Last Street Fighter V DLC Character
Today during a special Street Fighter livestream, Capcom revealed Luke as their last DLC character for Street Fighter V In case you think that name doesn't ring a bell, don't worry about it, because it shouldn't This is an entirely new character being introduced to the series with a unique backstory and not a remake[...]