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Capcom Cup IX Will Happen In February 2023
Capcom revealed that Capcom Cup IX will be taking place this February, bringing an end to the Street Fighter V run for the esports event The game has pretty much been the consistent flagbearer for the series ever since it took over in 2016 It has followed through every edition released since that time, followed[...]
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Releases Third Free Update
Capcom has released a brand new update this week for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, giving players more free content A good chunk of this update is to give you new content that will upgrade the kind of challenges you'll encounter Specifically, you'll run into three new challenging monsters that you'll need to take on as[...]
Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong Continues Her Mission with Damtoys
Ada Wong is back and coming to us from the recent Capcom version of Resident Evil 2 This impressive figure brings this mysterious character to life with 30 points of articulation A nice seamless body is featured here and gives Ada Wong a whole new realistic design Damtoys has included different outfits as well, showcasing[...]
TiMi & Capcom Partner Up For New Monster Hunter Mobile Game
Capcom announced they have formed a new partnership with mobile developer TiMi to make a brand new Monster Hunter mobile game The two companies didn't say a lot about the game, in fact, the bulk of the announcement can be found for you below What we do know is that the game is currently in[...]
Capcom Reveals Details To Resident Evil: Village Pack & RE4 Remake
Capcom held a special  Resident Evil Showcase today on YouTube and Twitch, revealing new details about the latest two properties First off, we got a much better look at the new content coming to Resident Evil Village, as the Winters Expansion pack will be coming on December 2nd As asdll as the Gold Edition of[...]
Skullcandy Celebrates Street Fighter 35th Anniversary With New Collab
Skullcandy revealed a brand new limited edition pair of gaming headsets with Capcom as they celebrate Street Fighter's 35th Anniversary As you can see here, the team has created a customized headset for fans of the franchise, which they are calling the Street Fighter PLYR Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Headset Offering up all of the benefits[...]
Capcom Shows Off More From Street Fighter 6 During Spotlight Event
Last week, Capcom showed off a ton of content in a special spotlight presentation, including new info on Street Fighter 6 The big reveal for this was that we got a look at four returning characters to the franchise as we get a look at older versions of Ken Masters, E Honda, Blanka, and Dhalsim[...]
Capcom Adds 18 Built-In Games To Evercade EXP
Evercade announced this morning they have partnered with Capcom to bring multiple games to their Evercade EXP console The company will be giving them 18 built-in titles ranging from arcade classics to home console favorites, some of which you'll be able to play in TATE mode as if you were back in the arcade on[...]
Dino Crisis Jumps Into Teppen For Jurassic Rampage Event
GungHo Online Entertainment has added a new Capcom game to Teppen as Dino Crisis arrives for a new event The event is called Jurassic Rampage and it will feature Regina from Dino Crisis teaming up with Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 as the two will be fighting multiple prehistoric creatures and try to uncover just[...]
It is Time to Awaken Zero as PCS Debuts New MegaMan X Zero Statue 
It was not long ago that we saw the return of the hit Capcom video game Mega Man X with Premium Collectible Studio We saw Mega Man return with a fantastic statue featuring deluxe and standard releases Well, things get a little more interesting as it looks like it is time for Maverick Hunter Zero[...]
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Free Update Arrives Tomorrow
Capcom has released new details for their free update to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, set to be released on Wednesday morning Ready to launch on August 10th, this update brings with it four returning fan-favorite monsters ready to wreck your day, along with a new expansion for the Anomaly Quest system that will provide you[...]
Capcom Drops More Info For Street Fighter 6 At Evo 2022
Capcom brought along some new information about Street Fighter 6 to Evo 2022, as we got a better look at two new characters Technically, one is new and one is returning as Juri makes her way into the sequel, joined by a fresh character in Kimberly The two made their debut this weekend in a[...]
Arcade1Up Finally Get To Release Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
Capcom 2 cabinet A surprise announcement in time for Evo 2022, the company is finally releasing what has to be one of the most-requested items at any convention The Capcom classic fighter will be presented in its classic retro format, with Wi-Fi enabled, giving you every character in the game right from the start What's[...]
Mega Man Battle & Fighters Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
If you're not familiar with this title, don't worry, it's not exactly one of the more highly publicized titles from the Capcom franchise out there It was a Japanese-only release in 2000, and technically it is two agmes in one as yuou're getting the original and its sequel together This version of the game is[...]
Lady Dimitrescu Rules Over Resident Evil Village Gold Edition Trailer
Capcom dropped a new trailer during San Diego Comic-Con as Lady Dimitrescu takes center stage in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition The team has ramped up the horror a few notches as things have become even more chaotic and undead than before, as the highly anticipated Winters' Expansion DLC is coming to the game[...]
Resident Evil’s Nemesis is Out For Blood with Prime 1 Studio
This iconic Resident Evil has made a return in the Capcom ground-up remake of Resident Evil 3 Jill Valentine is high on his list, and it is up to her to stop him and save the day We have already seen the Jill Valentine statue (here), but this time the companion connecting Nemesis piece has[...]
Awaken Mega Man X Once Again with PCS Collectibles New Statue 
Pre-orders are live for both right here with a June 2023 release and the standard at $695 and deluxe at $1,495. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: PCS Collectibles Credit: PCS Collectibles Credit: PCS Collectibles "I have decided to seal him in this[...]
Street Fighter 6 Will Be Present At Evo 2022
Capcom has made it known that they will be bringing Street Fighter 6 to Evo 2022 this year for people to try out for themselves Those who would like to try the game out for themselves will get a chance with the same demo we played during Summer Game Fest Play Days However, it's unclear[...]
Leon S. Kennedy Discovers the Horrors of Raccoon City with DAMTOYS
These new Resident Evil remakes that Capcom has been giving us have been an absolute blessing I am super excited to see Resident Evil 4 rebuilt from the ground up, featuring everyone's favorite R.P.D Officer, Leon S Kennedy It looks like DAMTOYS and NAUTS are also showing some love towards Leon as well as they[...]
We Tried Out Street Fighter 6 During Summer Game Fest Play Days
The one game Capcom brought to the dance, but it was the one everyone wanted to dance with as they set up six stations with both controller and fight stick options, and it still had people waiting to play the first day it was available We got to jump in for about 30 minutes and[...]
Capcom Announces Dragon’s Dogma 2 During Anniversary Livestream
Capcom revealed that they're currently working on Dragon's Dogma 2 during a special livestream celebrating the original game's tenth anniversary The game's director, Hideaki Itsuno, made the announcement about the highly requested and anticipated sequel, which according to them is currently in production using Capcom's RE ENGINE The team didn't show off much of anything[...]
The Capcom Showcase 2022 Shows Off Multiple New Titles & Updates
Capcom decided to throw their own showcase during Summer Game Fest this week as we got a better look at several games While there was a little bit of talk on Street Fighter 6, the Fighting Collection, and Arcade 2nd Stadium, the primary focus was on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, several Resident Evil titles, promoting[...]
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Set To Launch This July
Capcom revealed their latest game coming this Summer as Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium will be released in July 2022 PAcking an even bigger collection than the first entry, this will have you going from the classic '80s titles all the way to some of the last games they ever put into an arcade cabinet 32[...]
Capcom Shows Off Guile Returning To Street Fighter 6
Capcom dropped a new trailer this week for Street Fighter 6 during Summer Game Fest as we got a good look at the return of Guile The game is really pushing the familiar faces into the future, and as we can see here, Guile has become a little more grizzled and is dressed a little[...]
More Street Fighter Characters Make Their Way To Brawlhalla
Ubisoft and Capcom are carrying on their partnership in a new update for Brawlhalla as five new Street Fighter characters join the roster The new set of fighters includes Dhalsim, Sakura, Ken, M Bison, and Luke, making up an interesting mix of people who will be joining the previously released Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma for[...]
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Reveals More Monsters & Content
Capcom had a few new things to show off during their latest digital event livestream for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Broadcast live this morning in a video you can check out below, the event was led by series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yoshitake Suzuki as they gave a more in-depth look at[...]