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G Fuel Announces Monster Hunter Rise Flavors Coming Soon
G Fuel announced today they have partnered with Capcom on a new flavor as we're getting a Mega Potion for Monster Hunter Rise Named after the consumable item from the series, the new flavor looks like it's going to be more on the citrus-end of the flavor spectrum with orange and lime being featured on[...]
Capcom & Google Announces Resident Evil Village Is Coming To Stadia
Capcom and Google revealed this morning that they will be bringing Resident Evil Village over to Stadia when the game launches The game will launch on the streaming platform along with everyone else when the game drops on May 7th, 2021 What's more, they're going out of their way to give players a special deal[...]
Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter Stories 2 Receive Updates
This morning, Capcom released new details about two upcoming games: Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 The team held a digital event going over some of the new additions to both games along with some awaited details, the primary being we know when MHS2 will be coming out as it has a confirmed[...]
New Wave Reveals 1942 & 1943 Mini Arcade Cabinets
Fun news for fans of the Capcom titles 1942 and 1943, as both are getting mini arcade cabinets from New Wave The company has released the 1942 X RepliCade and 1943 X RepliCade Overhaul Edition cabinets, designed to look like the originals down to the coin slot on the front and the artwork you'd find in arcades back in[...]
Street Fighter V Celebrates Fifth Anniversary With Season 5 Pass
Capcom revealed the full details to Season 5 in Street Fighter V as it celebrates the fifth anniversary this year The company kicked off the launch of this anniversary with the Season 5 Pass, a free update to the game, and the first new character to make their return to the series in Dan Hikibi[...]
Two Street Fighter Characters Are Coming To Fortnite
Something awesome dropped today from Epic Games and Capcom as they revealed Street Fighter will be making its way into Fortnite The company didn't give away too many details about the addition, which will be coming out tomorrow, but they dropped a teaser trailer on everyone that looks pretty awesome We start by hearing the[...]
Resident Evil’s Ada Wong Joins Teppen As The Latest Hero
Capcom and GungHo Online Entertainment have added Resident Evil's Ada Wong to Teppen as the game's latest hero The character will officially join the game on March 1st, 2021, with the next expansion, A Dark Agenda, when the game's Heroes assemble in the Land of Illusion That expansion will see two important additions in having all[...]
The Division 2 Is Getting Special Resident Evil Crossover Gear
As you might have learned from yesterday's slew of announcements from Capcom about Resident Evil, the game is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year Quite the achievement for the company and the franchise for the zombie title, as they have a bunch of surprises coming in 2021, which was capped off with two games on[...]
Resident Evil Village Will Be Released In May 2021
Capcom dropped some cool news today as we now know that Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7th, 2021 During the Resident Evil Showcase the company revealed the release date along with a ton of new details to the game Including the storyline for this one as the eighth installment to the main franchise[...]
Capcom Will Release The Monster Hunter Rise Free Demo Tonight
Fun news for Monster Hunter fans as Monster Hunter Rise will be getting a free demo from Capcom to launch later tonight This morning during a digital event (which you can watch at the bottom) the company outlined what people will be able to experience in the demo, which includes a small selection of monsters[...]
You Can Unlock Shin Akuma In Street Fighter Alpha 2
Well, now you can play as him in the game if you so desire, and it's totally legal without a hack. That's him, the one with the purple gi! Courtesy of Capcom. In the game, there's a secret code that was found by a player named Gizaha on the Zeldix forums, who discovered it when they were trying[...]
Capcom Reveals Resident Evil 8 During Sony's PS5 Showcase
Capcom has revealed that they will be launching a new Portal site for Resident Evil, set to drop sometime in Early 2021 Depending on the kind of fan you are, you may have not even known that the series had any significant websites as they really don't require you to use it for anything super[...]
Auto Draft
GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom announced today the Teppen World Championship 2020 will take place on December 26th The game has been playing tournaments online for the majority of the year as it too was no exception to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing players from around the world to compete from home But despite the restrictions,[...]
Monster Hunter Rise Shows Off New Monsters & A Demo Date
Capcom revealed a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise during The Game Awards 2020, showing off new monsters for the game The latest entry in the RPG series will have you facing off against two new monsters, several returning faces you'll despise to see come back, and a new area for players to explore and[...]