Conqueror's Blade: Helheim Will Launch On June 9th

Booming Tech revealed the latest addition coming to Conqueror's Blade as the game will be celebrating its Third Anniversary next month. The next seasonal campaign will be called Helheim and will bring with it a ton of changes to the way you'll head into battle, as well as where exactly you'll be taking the fight to. We got the full rundown from the developers below including new unites you'll get to play with, a new battle pass, reworked maps, and more.

Conqueror's Blade: Helheim Will Launch On June 9th
Credit: Booming Tech
  • Seasonal Campaign: The Northmen seek to re-establish their empire on new and distant shores—heed the battle call in the starting region of the Borderlands or Ungverija and play every week to see their saga unfold. Players will initially have access to 3-Star Units across Siege, Field, and Territory Wars battles, and their power will only grow as the Season progresses. The most courageous generals will be able to battle in twice-weekly Territory Wars with their House, complete Stages, and prepare for the final showdown in Reginopolis at the end of the Season.
  • New Units: Battles with enemies will be more engaging with two new units, inspired by fearsome historical Viking warriors, including the most brutal skirmishers the Northlands have to offer:
    • Huskarls (4-Star) – Available June 9: Bodyguards of noble stock, Huskarls can inspire allies as they charge furiously into battle.
    • Varangian Guards (5-Star) – Available later in the season: Elite warriors who found their calling on distant shores. Fuelled by rage, these brutal mercenaries can switch between swords and shields or axes to hew enemies down in a furious tempest.
  • Battle On Reworked Maps: With the launching of Helheim, players will be able to have a new experience on  reworked versions of fan-favourite maps, including the besieged Broch Eastray, La Grande Gloire, and the Northmen's own ancestral home of Heilung Fjord. Broch Eastray will be available on June 9, with the raiders making appearances on new maps as the Season progresses.
  • Battle Pass: Anyone who wants to get the most out of the new season can pre-order a BattlePass or check out a similar option in-game, the Battle Pass is accompanied by a set of bonus items,  including new and exclusive cosmetics, Emotes, currency, and so much more.
  • Anniversary Events: Moreover, Conqueror's Blade  will launch a unique event in honor of the 3rd anniversary of the game. From May 26 until June 16 players can absorb yourself in a host of special events such as Sea Monster Beach Party, PvP/PvE Event: The Reginopolis Rumble and much more.

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