Could Ubisoft Be Looking To Acquire More Studios?

If you believe the latest scuttlebutt happening this weekend, it seems like Ubisoft may be looking into acquiring more studios. Apparently, the company made it clear that should the opportunity present itself, they would look at it and take advantage of the situation. The word of this came from Video Games Chronicle, where they reference a Q&A session during an investors call this past Thursday. Essentially, the topic of other companies struggling was brought up, along with the idea of Ubi possibly taking advantage of that situation. To which they got these responses.

"We are studying carefully the market these days and if there are opportunities we will take them," Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot responded. "At the same time we have also to tackle these new challenges so it's taking a little bit of our time." — "For sure, we'll look at it carefully," he added.

Could we see Ubisoft acquire smaller studios currently struggling?
Could we see Ubisoft acquire smaller studios currently struggling?

It shouldn't come as anyone's surprise that a company like Ubi would be looking at taking over other smaller companies. While they do have their own catalog of titles and go-to options, along with games that are currently thriving, it might do them well to find companies with potential and take them over in order to crank out another title from a popular game they own. Or simply just buy the IP and close up shop like THQ Nordic has done in the past with what seems to be an ever-growing library of retro titles they have yet to produce anything for. If they did start looking to acquiring other companies, it does beg the question: what games and companies would they honestly be interested in? if they did buy them out, how long would it take them to capitalize on the investment, and would it be worth their time and money to do so?

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